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Whether it’s a sudden, shooting pain down your leg or a persistent ache in your lower back, sciatica can seriously impact your daily life. While medications, injections and even surgery sometimes help people with sciatic nerve pain, physical therapy is the most effective and least invasive way to eradicate the problem. (continued inside)

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• Effective Ways To Beat Sciatica & Back Pain • Consider Physical Therapy First • Patient Results • Ideal Protein

HEALTH & FITNESS The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

“Go Grocery Shopping Without Worry Of Sharp Pain!” EFFECTIVEWAYS TO BEAT SCIATICA & BACK PAIN

Physical therapy is invaluable for easing sciatic pain. Its effectiveness stems from the multi- faceted approach your therapist will take in order to reduce the pressure on the nerve. Improving your strength and the flexibility in your hip area can do much to decrease the pressure on your sciatic nerve, which in turn will relieve the pain you feel. The muscle and ligament structure of your hips tend to tighten if you spend too much time sitting. That causes your spine to take on the strain, often leading to sciatic nerve impingement. To combat this undue pressure, physical therapists work to increase hip mobility by helping you stretch your hip abductors and flexors. This opens up the pathway, which your sciatic nerve runs, so that the nerve is freed from compression. In addition, strengthening hip abductors muscles, as well as building mobility, will enable the muscles and ligaments in your hips to be better aligned. Improved strength in your hip area, allows the effort used in everyday movement to be more evenly distributed, and therefore less apt to result in nerve irritation. Call us today to speak with a physical therapist, or come on in for a free consultation. (316) 283-7187

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Exercise Essentials Try these pain relief exercises:

Patient Results

Relieves Low Pain

PIRIFORMIS STRETCH While lying on your back, hold your knee with your opposite hand and draw your knee up and over towards your opposite shoulder.


I am back to normal activity without pain! “Before therapy, I had sharp and significant pain in my left lower back radiating to the left abdominal area with and during most movements and activities. I had difficulty finding comfortable sleeping positions and difficulty with standing and walking. Since therapy, I am back to normal activity without pain! I came to APT for a screening and received 5 weeks of physical therapy and exercises which were designed for my needs. The therapists and stage here are very professional and know their profession very well.” - G.A. I can do any activity without pain! “Before therapy, I had such severe pain in my sciatica that I couldn’t roll over in bed. I had to walk with a cane for the first hour in the morning and I couldn’t do my daily chores without wincing from pain. Since therapy, I can do any activity without pain. I feel better all over, not just in the area where I had the pain.” - A.S. My pain has dissipated! “Before therapy, my right leg hurt from sciatica pain, especially when sitting. Since therapy, my pain has dissipated mostly sitting for an extended period and is not nearly as painful as before.” - L.N.

Stretches Back

LOWER TRUNK ROTATION Lying on your back with your knees bent, gently rock your knees side-to-side.

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Consider Physical Therapy FIRST!

A study published in Spine, the respected medical journal, found that, when started early enough, physical therapy is a very effective treatment for sciatica, and one which is more budget-friendly for the average person. The study found that over a one-year period, people who had taken 10 sessions of physical therapy had better results for their sciatic pain than those who were only given guidelines for treatment. The study’s authors attributed the cost-effectiveness of the physical therapy approach in part to using it as a first line of defense against sciatic pain and back pain. For the many patients for whom physical therapy as the primary treatment was sufficient, there wasn’t a need for expensive tests, such as MRIs, or further invasive procedures. If you’re concerned about shooting pains down one leg, buttock aching or lower back pain and numbness -- or any combination of sharp and dull aching anywhere along the sciatic nerve -- contact us right away for a consultation. We’ll work with your doctor to address the specific problems contributing to the ongoing impingement of your sciatic nerve, while also striving to reduce your pain as quickly as possible. Sources: fective.15.aspx

Do you want a natural solution to improving your health? Gain your freedom from pain medication and avoid costly surgery with physical therapy!

We can help you: Naturally relieve stiffness and swelling. Prevent aches and stiffness. Be more active with your friends and family.

Have more energy. Feel better at work.

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