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While Christmases during college would be a welcomed break from my studies, few holidays could hold a candle to these mountainside getaways. But as with most things, I’ve found that becoming a father has brought a lot of the magic back to the season. It certainly is nice having Santa Claus visit our house again. When I was a boy, old Kris Kringle was kind enough to bring me a shiny, new five-speed Stingray Fastback that was metallic green and had a banana seat. They just don’t make bikes like that anymore. Maybe I should get in touch with the north pole. At the time of writing, my daughter is dead set on what she wants for Christmas. She’d like her very own puppy. Now, dogs are a big responsibility, and she’d have to learn to take care of it, but I’ve got a feeling that Santa’s going to make this wish come true. The other joy that comes with having a daughter old enough to understand the joys of Christmas is that we can start making our own holiday trips as a family. Last year, we managed to go out east for the classic experience of spending Christmas in NewYork. While there was no snow to speak of, seeing Rockefeller Plaza and the many shops and restaurants all lit up against the winter gloom was quite the experience. Maybe we’ll take our daughter to the mountains in a few years and give her her first skiing lessons. For now, we’re just happy to have a peaceful Christmas at home with family. Whether you’re spending the holidays here in Texas or traveling farther afield, I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful end of the year.


The Magic of the Season

Holiday music on the radio has a way of bringing back vivid memories of Christmases past. For me, this is especially true of any song about snowfall and winter wonderlands. While my childhood in Dallas certainly didn’t include any blizzards, my family’s ski trips gave my sisters and me plenty of white Christmases.

From the time I was in junior high until my college years, our family would spend Christmas at a ski resort nestled in the snowy mountains of New Mexico. I loved skiing and used to do slalom and super-G racing, if you can believe it. My body is sore just remembering those downhill runs, but they were good times. What made those trips really special was the time spent with family in the wilderness. Every year, my dad, my sisters, and I would set out with an ax — and the proper paperwork — to chop down our own Christmas tree. Bounding around in our snowshoes, we’d spend about two hours looking for the perfect candidate and then drag it back to our cabin. Those trees were always so fresh that the needles wouldn’t even fall off.

Happy Holidays,

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1

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