"October-Art-Fest" Auction

Artist: Maryam Maleki (Abr), Iranian Artist. Statement: “Women’s Face, Life’s Face” The Voice of the Women, The Voice of Love.

Faceless, Silent “Scarves” This is our “Scarf” story: It’s not just about “Hair”, it’s about removing “Identity”, “Humanity”, “Love” and “Silence”. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a scarf or not, it’s important to be “Human”. “Somehow these works show that all these women were censored. They have no faces in real life, in the movies, on the streets, while singing and dancing, and even at home. . . This is the elimination of identity.”

Artist: Maryam Maleki (Abr) Acrylic on Canvas Title: Echarpe 04 (Scarf) 40 x 30 cm Lot: 9009 Starting bid:$425


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