Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Cherry Tomato Red Profusion

Quick maturity makes it easy to finish for retail sales showing coloured fruits Produces an abundance of scarlet fruit all over the plant and can easily fill a larger container Exhibits good weather tolerance making it quite adaptable to hanging baskets

Transplant to maturity: 47 days | Brix %: 7 | Avg. fruit weight: 20 g | Avg. plant hight/spread: 15/55 cm

F1 PlumTomato Peardrops

Semi-trailing, cascading branches are ideal for hanging baskets and mixed containers Beautiful golden-yellowmini pear tomatoes produced in abundance Sweet and savory, complex tomato flavour sets it apart from typical bland yellow cherry-types

Transplant to maturity: 55 days | Brix %: 6 | Avg. fruit weight: 15 g | Avg. plant hight/spread: 25/40 cm


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