Vegetalis 2022 | EN

Compact trailing with red and green striped fruit and very dark foliage Very neat in habit and useful for planting in mixed baskets Fruits are protected by the foliage F1 Cherry Tomato Tumbling Tigress

which is useful to protect from scorch in very high light levels

Transplant to maturity: 55 days | Brix %: 7 | Avg. fruit weight: 20 g | Avg. plant hight/spread: 15/50 cm

Tumbling TomYellow

Cherry Tomato Tumbling Tom

Vigorous trailing habit that will easily fill a large basket and is ideal for hanging gardens and urban balconies Cascading branches produce masses of fruit all summer long Delightful sweet fresh flavour will keep you reaching for more

Transplant to maturity: 63 days | Brix %: 7 | Avg. fruit weight: 15 g | Avg. plant hight/spread: 15/100 cm

Tumbling TomRed


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