Vegetalis 2022 | EN

MexicanMint Marigold

Soft, oval, aromatic leaves, about 7,5 cm long can be used to substitute French tarragon Licorice flavour with hints of anise used as culinary and medicinal herb Blooms late summer with clusters of golden flower Full light, warmweather plant and a long vegetative growing period

Avg. seed count: 1300/g | Avg. plant height: 55 cm | Days to maturity: 80-90

Origanum Zaatar

Soft, oval, grey-green leaves with an intense Oregano aroma and flavour Classic Tymol type essential oils: 22.4% Carvacrol & 50.3% Tymol Used for centuries in the Mediterranean as culinary and medicinal herb Miniature white edible flowers appear early summer Harvest height: 15 – 20 cm

Avg. seed count: 3980/g | Avg. plant height/spread: 40/40 cm | Days to maturity: 90-95


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