Vegetalis 2022 | EN

Thai Basil Sweet Thai

Coriander Rani

Authentic Thai basil flavour, very uniform Very attractive plant with purple stems and blooms

Highly productive, upright, aromatic, annual, grown nearly world wide Shiny bright green leaves for culinary use with tender mild flavour Selected for slow bolt resistance in the high heat

Avg. seed count: 980/g | Avg. leaf length: 4-5 cm | Avg. plant height: 30 cm | Days to maturity: 55-60

Avg. seed count: 145/g | Avg. plant height/spread: 50/40 cm | Days to maturity: 50-55

Lemon Balm Alis

Marjoram Sweet

Light-green, medium sized leaf with a lemon-mint flavor for culinary and medicinal use

Tender, light green leaves with a superb sweet aroma and flavour Sweeter than Oregano and used as culinary and medicinal herb Purple, tender stems with miniature white edible flowers appear early summer Harvest height: 15 – 20 cm

Avg. seed count: 1600/g | Avg. plant height: 70-150 cm | Days to maturity: 55-60

Avg. seed count: 5400/g | Avg. plant height/spread: 40/40 cm | Days to maturity: 90-95


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