Vegetalis 2022 | EN

Garlic Chives Nira

Garlic Nira is a fresh, well-known garlic chives or also known as chinese leek A perennial plant that continues to grow and thin leafs can be harvested without the roots/white part Avg. seed count: 255/g | Avg. leaf length: 20-30 cm | Avg. plant height: 25-35 cm | Days to maturity: 30-35

Stevia Candy

Thyme Ayelet

Natural 0 calories sweetener for fresh, dried or powdered use developed for higher yields and an improved sweet taste Bushy, light green foliage and elongated branches Strong, healthy and uniform plants which are very sweet to taste 60 days to 1st harvest, 60 days between harvests in the summer season

Miniature elliptic dark green leaves Small bushy perennial, evergreen plant that likes warm weather and can stand full sun perfectly Small attractive lilac flowers The leaves have a superb aroma and fla- vour and can be used for culinary as wel as medicinal use

Avg. seed count: 3800/g | Avg. plant height: 25 cm | Days to maturity: 90-95

Avg. seed count: 2770/g | Avg. plant height/spread: 60/40 cm | Days to maturity: 60


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