Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Mini Cucumber KidiQ

F1 Snack Cucumber Maxwell

A short, mini seedless snack cucumber with high productivity A crispy snack with a shiny smooth skin Suitable for production from spring to autumn

A medium to small sized snack cucumber Good early fruit setting with at least 1 fruit each internode Small leaf size and high cold tolerance Crispy and good taste

Avg. fruit length: 7-8 cm | Fruit colour: dark green | Sow to Harvest: 45 days | HR: none reported | IR: none reported

Avg. Fruit length: 15-17 cm | Fruit colour: dark green | Growth habit: Vigorous | HR: Ccu, Pu IR: Gc

F1 Medium Cucumber Piano

A variety with beautiful, shiny, dark green and uniform fruits and a high yield potential High and stable plant habit with strong ability of loading on side shoots

Avg. fruit length: 17 - 18 cm | Fruit colour: dark green | HR: none reported | IR: CMV / Px


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