Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Squash Caprice

Round zucchini of a green colour with multiple disease resistances Open plant habit and vigour makes it an easy plant to grow and harvest continuously from spring to autumn. Easy-to-grow ball-shaped zucchini lends itself to creative fun in the kitchen - grill, slice or hollow out and stuff Transplant to maturity (days): 90 from sow. Fruit colour: green | Fruit shape: round | HR: none reported | IR: CMV / Gc / Px /WMV /ZYMV

F1 Squash Daphne

Medium early hybrid for open field production with a strong foliage and high yield potential Vigorous compact plant with short internodes and high concentration of female flowers Fruit shape is cylindrical and of a light green colour

Fruit colour: light green | Fruit shape: cylindrical | HR: none reported | IR: Gc / Px /WMV / ZYMV

F1 Squash Golden Glory

Eye-catching golden yellow zucchini are easy to locate on these upright plants Easy to grow due to muliple resistances to powdery mildew and viruses Semi-spineless plants with a high yield potential minimize damage to high quality, smooth fruit during harvest

Transplant to maturity: 50 days from sow | Fruit colour: yellow | Fruit shape: cylindrical | HR: none reported | IR: Gc / Px /WMV / ZYMV


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