Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Chinese Cabbage Kilakin

F1 Red Cabbage Rescue

Kilakin is a hybrid chinese cabbage with TopRes™ Clubroot resistance Produces dark green outer leaves with a classic and compact shape and very nice internal structure Healthy leaves with a compact growth habit and long storability Suitable for spring and summer culture with a high resistance to bolting

Late, red cabbage variety with an outstanding combination of yield and shelf life Smooth heads with a very good interior quality and of a nice dark colour

Transplant to maturity: 140 days | Avg. head weight: 2,5- 3 kg | HR/IR: none reported

Transplant to maturity: 59-67 days | Avg. headweight: 1 - 2 kg | HR: Pb | IR: none reported

F1 Savoy Cabbage Alaska

F1 White Cabbage Quisor

Proven standard variety with a high frost tolerance and suitable for storage and freezing Very popular in practice due its reliability Alaska can be harvested in autumn and winter Attractive fresh blue-green colour

Quisor brings it all home with uniformity, yield and high quality heads Beautiful blue-green leaves wrap around 1,5 - 2 kg, round heads Very good internal structure and very good field holding

Transplant to maturity: 85-100 days | Avg. headweight: 1,5 - 2,5 kg | HR: Foc: 1 | IR: none reported

Transplant to maturity: 130 days | Avg. headweight: 1 - 2 kg | HR/IR: none reported


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