Vegetalis 2022 | EN

Borecole Frost Byte

F1 Broccoli Monaco

Frost Byte is a unique edible and orna- mental Borecole/kale that colours from green to creamy white It is an ideal addition to a winter ornamen- tal garden and has the addition of being edible Cold conditions enhance the change of colour. Usually from late October to March you will see the cream white appearance

Vigorous plant without side shoots and a very good root systemmaking it robust also in not favourable conditions Nice round, uniform and compact head of around 550 gram Transplant to maturity: 80 days | Avg. head weight: 550 g | Sowing: April to June | Planting: May to August | Harvest end July to October | HR/IR: none reported

Transplant to maturity (days): 70-80 | Harvesting time: October- March | Colour: green-creamywhite | HR/ IR: none reported

F1 Brussel sprout Abacus

The strong bolting tolerance makes Abacus very suited for early sowing and plantings Smooth, round, firm, medium to dark-green and uniform graded sprouts The quality of the sprouts on the stem remains high during the harvesting period High yielding crop of high quality sprouts Transplant to maturity: 145 days | Harvest: Sep. - Oct. | Avg. plant height: 65 cm | Avg. sprouts on the stem: 75 | Avg. sprout diameter: 3 cm | HR: Foc: 1 | IR: none reported


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