Vegetalis 2022 | EN

F1 Brussel sprout Cryptus

Medium late variety for harvests in November and December Reliable due to its clubroot resistance Easy growing, sturdy plants with a very good field standing ability Very uniform and narrow button setting with a high yield potential Smooth, good quality sprouts of mild taste Transplant to maturity: 210 days | Harvest: Nov.- Dec | Avg. plant height: 75 cm | Avg. sprouts on the stem: 80 | Avg. sprout diameter: 3 cm | HR: Pb | IR: none reported

F1 Cauliflower Aerospace

F1 Cauliflower Bering

Strong vigour and a nice round, firm head cauliflower that is suitable for spring season harvest

Vigorous variety with uniform white, dense heads. Perfect for growing small sized cauliflower Large upright frame and good head cover- age assures high quality, white heads Very reliable crop time and strong uni- formity towards maturity and harvesting Suitable for summer production Transplant to maturity: 73-78 days | Sowing: Jan-May | Plan- ting: April-June | Harvest: Harvest: June-September | HR/IR: none reported

Transplant to maturity: 70-76 days | Sowing: October-Decem- ber | Planting: March | Harvest: End May-June | HR/IR none reported


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