BGB Rotary Swivel Joint

Depending on your requirements, BGB can support you in the design of multi- passage swivel joints, combined solutions and facilitation of various fluids. In highly corrosive environments (such as marine) or where there is exposure to external agents, BGB can support you in the most appropriate material selection to ensure solution life expectancy is achieved and the cleanliness of your medium is protected.

For higher pressure applications with fewer channels, BGB is able to test up to 300bar to ensure the leakage rates are within specification.

BGB systems can also include optional features like: Limit Switches, Encoders, Condition Monitoring, Lightning Protection, Fibre Optic Joints and slip ring assemblies

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Case Study

THE CHALLENGE: Provide a low cost and robust solution suitable for wind turbine pitch actuation with a 20 year design life.

Spec Revs


175e6 during lifetime

RPM 25 Pressure cycles PS: 225 – 265 bar, TS: 0 – 70 bar Leakage Rate <1L/min Oil cleanliness ISO4406 Oil temp -40 to 70oC Corrosion Class ISO9223

Stator Material Rotor Material

EN10088 1.414 ASTM A582 Grade 416 EN10084 ASTM A322 Grade 4140

THE SOLUTION: 3 power channel, 1 cable channel. Develop and buid a test rig to test the pressure capabilities and leakage rates.

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