Back & Neck EBook - US

Step 5: Lasting Results With Coordination

Our goal is to not only quickly relieve your pain, but to make sure your spine stays healthy for the long run. One of the most important features of a healthy spine is the ability to coordinate your muscles. This provides long-term spine health and the capability to handle strenuous motions. Your spine is complexwith 33 bones andover 48 joints that all have tomove at the right time and place to make smooth movements. Your spine has hundreds ofmuscles that give it strength, andmost importantly, coordinate thosemovements. It’s nowonder that things can gowrong when you have that many moving parts. With prolonged sitting or injury, muscle segments of the spine are traumatized, resulting in weakness, poor balance and coordination. In addition, as we age, the nerve impulses that control our balance slow down. The good news is that with the right exercises and treatment, your coordination and balance can be vastly improved.

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