Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.8 Sidewalks And Other Pedestrian Facilities


6.8. Sidewalks And Other Pedestrian Facilities

Sidewalk, pedestrian pathways and other required or proposed pedestrian amenities shall be reflected in all site and subdivision plans.

6.8.1. Sidewalks A.

General Standards/Location: Sidewalks are required in accordance with the Town of Wake Forest Transportation and Pedestrian Plan, and the Town Street Classifications in Section 6.7.2. Alternative facilities or a payment in lieu may be considered in accordance with C and D below. B. Design Standards 1. Where existing sidewalk abuts an area where new sidewalk is to be developed, the new sidewalk shall be the same width as the existing sidewalk or meet the standards of Section 6.7.2, whichever standard width is greater. 2. Where the existing right of way is substandard, the fronting property owner shall be required to dedicate the appropriate amount of right-of-way (as measured from the centerline of the existing street) as well as install all noted sidewalk zone improvements including expanded sidewalks and street trees. Lighting and street furniture shall be the responsibility of the town. 3. Where a sidewalk is required on only one side of the street, in accordance with Section 6.7.2, the Administrator shall determine on which side of the street the sidewalk will be constructed. 4. Within commercial areas and places with high pedestrian volumes, sidewalks should be designed to meet the anticipated pedestrian/traffic volume as well as accommodate outdoor seating areas. 5. Multi-family and planned developments shall provide sidewalks for interior movement of pedestrians and for interior to connect to public sidewalk system. 6. Sidewalks shall be constructed of concrete or other approved materials (such as pavers) and built in accordance with the MSSD and applicable ADA provisions. 7. Where a sidewalk abuts a curb because of right-of-way, topographic or existing building limitation, or by Administrator discretion, the minimum width shall be 6 feet. Where a sidewalk abuts a wall, the minimum width shall increase by 1 foot. C. Alternative Compliance: Alternative provisions for pedestrian movement meeting the intent of this section may be used where unreasonable or impractical situations would result from application of these requirements. Such situations may result from significant street trees, impending road widening, topography, utility easements, lot configuration or other unusual site conditions. In such instances, the Administrator may approve an alternate plan that proposes different pedestrian amenities provided that the intent of this section is fulfilled. D. Payments in Lieu: In lieu of alternative compliance in C above, the Administrator may approve a payment in lieu (in accordance with an adopted annual fee schedule) where any one or a combination of factors render compliance impractical: 1. Steep slopes 2. Absence of existing sidewalks along the corridor and in the general neighborhood 3. Where sidewalks are not shown on the town’s adopted Pedestrian Plan. 6.8.2. Greenways When required by the Wake Forest Comprehensive Transportation Plan, greenways and multi-use paths shall be provided according to the provisions below. A. Standards for Greenway Types: Greenway width and surface treatment shall comply with the standards as follows:

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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