Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Parking & Driveways 9.7 Transportation Facility Permits


A. Short-term bicycle parking provides customers and other visitors a convenient and readily accessible place to park. Required short-term parking must meet the following standards. 1. Short-term parking shall be located outside the building and located near the building entrance or use it is intended to serve. 9.6.3. Long-Term Bicycle Parking A. Long-term bicycle parking provides employees, students, residents, commuters, and others who generally stay at a site for several hours a protected and secure place to park. B. Multi-family developments shall meet the required minimum bicycle parking with long-term bicycle facilities. C. Required long-term parking must meet the following standards. 1. Long-term bicycle shall be covered and weather resistant. 2. Long-term bicycle parking shall be located near the building entrance it is intended to serve. a. Long-term bicycle parking may be located within an internal area

accessible by the public (such as bike locker rooms) or located in stairwells. Storage within a multi-family dwelling unit would not be considered a long- term bicycle parking space.

9.6.4. Bicycle Parking Design Standards A. Surfacing 1.

Bicycle parking shall be provided on a hard-surface, all-weather pavement of asphalt or concrete. Placement 1. Bicycle parking shall be located as not to interfere with pedestrian access. 2. Proposed bike parking facilities must comply with siting standards set forth in the MSSD. 3. Bicycle parking shall be located 3 feet away from walls, fences, and the edge of landscaping at the time of maturity, as measured from the edge of the rack closet to the wall, fence, or landscaping.



Rack Types 1.

Grid bicycle racks shall not be permitted.

2. Bicycle lockers or similar types of facilities are permitted and count towards required bicycle parking standards.

9.7. Transportation Facility Permits A Transportation Facility (TF) is any surface parking lot of 1500 spaces or more, a combination of surface and structure parking of 1000 spaces of more, or any parking structure of 750 spaces. Transportation Facilities must comply with the regulations pertaining to the TF Program administered by the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality. Any existing facility that plans a modification that exceeds the above threshold is subject to the TF Program regulations.

9.8. Driveway Access

9.8.1. Driveway Standards

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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