Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Signs 11.10 Permanent Signage Additional Standards


1. Each subdivision, traditional neighborhood development, or multi-family development is permitted a maximum of 2 permanent monument signs to be located at each major entrance to the residential development. 2. Where a subdivision, traditional neighborhood development, or multi-family development contains defined neighborhoods, 1 monument sign is permitted for each entrance indicating that neighborhood's name only. 3. Signs are permitted on decorative or retaining walls at entrances to residential developments without limitation to size of the wall. 4. Monument signs shall have a maximum surface area of 12 square feet. C. Landscaping Requirements: 1. All freestanding signs shall be provided with a landscaped area at least equal to the sign surface area of the sign. Such landscaping may include any size or variety of annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, hedge plants, or trees. 2. This plant material shall not count towards any other required landscaping. D. Additional Requirements: 1. All monument signs must be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from the right- of-way. 2. All freestanding signs shall include a support or base (minimum two feet in height and its width shall be at least 20% more than the width of the sign) constructed of stone, brick, or other deemed acceptable masonry material. 3. The maximum height of sign copy for all monument signs shall be one foot less

than the maximum sign height. The purpose of this provision is to allow decorative borders or sign toppers to extend an additional foot beyond the height of the sign face.

11.10.11. Murals/Wall Art

A hand-produced work of visual art which is painted or affixed directly upon to an exterior wall of a building. A mural is primarily intended to serve as a work of public art. Mural Criteria All murals shall be subject to the following regulations: 1. No mural shall be added to the primary façade of a building unless the proposed mural has been approved by the Public Art Commission (PAC). 2. Murals shall not be placed on primary residential structures. 3. The mural shall not extend more than twelve (12) inches from the plane of the wall upon which it is tiled or painted or to which it is affixed. 4. If the name of the business to which the mural is painted or affixed, it will be counted as a sign and must meet the regulations for attached signage. 5. The mural shall not advertise an off-premise business, only the business contained within the structure. 6. If proposed for a Locally Designated Historic Landmark or within a Local Historic District, an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness must be submitted to the Historic Preservation Planner prior to any paint or other material being added to the building to review for appropriateness. Buildings located in a National Register Historic District shall be required to submit a minor architectural review application which must be approved prior to any paint or other material being added to the building.



Prohibited Murals

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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