Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Administration 15.8 Site Plans/Design Review


relocation shall all be submitted by the permit applicant prior to issuance of a floodplain development permit.

3. Certification Exemptions: The following structures, if located within Zone A, AE, or X (Future), are exempt from the elevation/floodproofing certification requirements specified above: a. Recreational Vehicles meeting requirements of Section 12.4.2.B.5; and b. Accessory Structures less than 150 square feet meeting requirements of Section 12.4.2.B.6. F. Determination of Compliance: Following submittal of the application and accompanying data, the information shall be reviewed by the Administrator for compliance with the requirements of this ordinance. Provided the application is complete, applications shall be reviewed and acted upon by the staff and notice given the applicant within 30 days of receipt of the application. All decisions shall be in writing and delivered via electronic mail, personal delivery, or first class mail to the property owner and party seeking determination, if different from the owner. An approved Floodplain/Watershed Development Permit shall include the following information: 1. A description of the development to be permitted under the floodplain development permit. 2. The Special Flood Hazard Area or Future Conditions Flood Hazard Area determination for the proposed development per available data specified in Section 12.4.1.C. 3. The regulatory flood protection elevation required for the reference level and all attendant utilities. 4. The regulatory flood protection elevation required for the protection of all public utilities. 5. All certification submittal requirements with timelines. 6. A statement that no fill material or other development shall encroach into the floodway or non-encroachment area of any watercourse, as applicable. 7. The flood openings requirements, if in Zones A, AE, or X (Future) G. Public Notification: N/A (Except as required by State or Federal Agencies) H. Appeals: Appeals of the decisions of the Administrator shall be heard by the Board of Adjustment in accordance with Section 15.12 within 30 days after receipt of written notice of decision. I. Permit Validity: Floodplain development permits shall be valid for one year. Failure to initiate construction, or otherwise begin the permitted use, within this time period shall render the permit void. J. Permit Extension: Renewal of an expired floodplain development permit shall require the same application procedure as the initial permit. No further development activity is to be performed until the new permit is issued.

15.8. Site Plans/Design Review

15.8.1. Site Master Plan A.

Applicability: The Site Master Plan process shall apply to development activities meeting the development definition which are not otherwise approved by other development permits and approvals. B. Process Type: Administrative.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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