Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Supplemental Use Standards 3.11 Supplemental Use Standards – Infrastructure


D. General Policies and Procedures for Applications under this Section

In order to ensure that the placement, construction and Modification of a Facility or the components of a Complex do not endanger or jeopardize the Town’s health, safety, public welfare, environmental features, the nature and character of the community and neighborhood and other aspects of the quality of life specifically listed elsewhere in this Section, the Town hereby adopts an overall policy and related procedures with respect to the submittal, review, approval and issuance of permits or Administratively granted authority for Wireless Facilities for the express purpose of achieving the policies and goals set forth herein: 1. Requiring a Special Use Permit for any new Complex, Facility or any Substantial Modification of a Facility or Complex or for a Co-located Facility; 2. Requiring Administrative approval and a properly issued Building Permit for any co- location or Modification of a Facility or Complex that is not a Substantial Modification or Co-location; 3. Implementing an Application process and requirements; 4. Establishing procedures for examining an Application and issuing a Special Use Permit or Administrative Approval that is both fair and consistent; 5. Promoting, and requiring wherever possible, the sharing and/or co-location of support structures among service providers; 6. Requiring, promoting, and encouraging, wherever possible, the placement, height and quantity of a Facility or Complex in such a manner as to minimize the physical and visual impact on the community, including but not limited to the use of stealth technology. 7. Flush Mounting Required: All new or replacement sectorized directional antennas, shall be flush-mounted or as close to flush-mounted as is technologically possible on any structure attached to it, so long as such does not have the effect of prohibiting the provision of service to the intended service area, alone or in combination with another site(s), unless the applicant can prove that it is technologically impracticable; 8. Placement on Building: If attached to a building, all antennas shall be flush-mounted on the I of the building and camouflaged so as to match the color and, if possible, texture of the building, or in a manner so as to make the antennas as visually innocuous and undetectable as is possible given the facts and circumstances involved; 9. Requiring that the Facility and Complex shall be the least visually intrusive among those options available in the Town given the facts and circumstances. 10. The Board of Commissioners are the officially designated agency or body of the Town to whom applications for a Special Use Permit for a Facility or Complex must be made, and that is authorized to make decisions with respect to granting or not granting or revoking Special Use Permits applied for under this Section. The Board of Commissioners may at its discretion delegate or designate the Planning Board or other official agencies or officials of the Town or outside consultants to accept, review, analyze, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners with respect to the granting or not granting or revoking Special Use Permits for Wireless Telecommunications Facilities. However, the Board of Commissioners shall possess the sole right to grant all Special Use Permits. 11. There shall be a pre-application meeting for all intended applications. The pre-application meeting may be held either on site, or telephonically as deemed appropriate by the Town or its designee. The purpose of the pre-application meeting will be to address i) issues that will help to expedite the review; and permitting process; and ii) certain issues or concerns the Town or the Applicant may have. 12. If there has not been a prior site visit for the requested Complex within the previous six (6) months a site visit shall be conducted. Costs of the Town’s consultant to prepare for

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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