Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Building Design Standards 5.7 Industrial Buildings


5.7. Industrial Buildings

INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS Industrial buildings are expected to be

utilitarian in design to accommodate a wide range of internal activities that range from heavy machinery to storage. The industrial building typically has 4 yards (front yard; 2 side yards; and rear yard) to allow for site landscaping to soften the often long expanses of wall that are typical to this type.

Typological Variants Industrial – Historic (multi-story) Industrial Warehouse – New

Industry, Light Industry, Heavy Landfill Light Manufacturing Workshops Materials Recovery & Waste Transfer Facilities

Storage-Outdoor Storage Yard Storage-Warehouse, Indoor Wholesaling and Distribution

5.7.1. Applicability

The following standards are applicable to all industrial buildings.

5.7.2. Facade Materials & Colors A.

Materials: Allowable materials and required percentages shall be as outlined in the table below. Glazing shall not be included in the façade material calculations.

Masonry (brick, stacked stone, stone, stone masonry units, architectural concrete masonry units (CMU))

Lap siding (cementitious fiber board), stucco

Building Façade Elevations

EIFS, Concret e

Architectural metal siding (non- corrugated)

Vinyl siding, unfinished concrete block

Principal Front and Street

Max. 25%

Min. 50%

Max. 50%

Max. 25%

Not permitted

Max. 50%


Min. 25%

Max. 75%

Max. 25%

Not permitted

Max. 50%


Any % allowed

Any % allowed

Max. 50%

Not permitted

B. Material Colors: Facade colors shall be of low reflectance earth tone, muted, subtle, or neutral colors. Building trim may feature brighter colors as an accent material. The use of high-intensity, metallic, fluorescent, day glow, or neon colors shall be prohibited. Variations in color schemes are encouraged in order to articulate entry ways and public amenities so as to give greater recognition to these features.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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