Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.1 Purpose And Intent


6. Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards

6.1. Purpose And Intent The purpose of this chapter is to establish criteria for the site development and subdivision of real property within the jurisdiction of the Town of Wake Forest. These standards are set forth to:

• Provide for the orderly growth and development of the Town of Wake Forest; and

• Coordinate proposed development with existing development and with officially adopted plans for the future development of the town; and • Provide for suitable residential and nonresidential development with adequate streets, utilities, and appropriate building sites; and

• Ensure the proper legal description, monumentation, and recordation of subdivided land; and

• Create conditions essential to public health, safety, and general welfare.

6.2. Applicability

6.2.1. Authority and Applicability A.

Authority: According to the provisions of NCGS, the Town of Wake Forest has the authority to regulate the subdivision of land within its territorial jurisdiction. B. Subdivision Defined: For the purposes of this ordinance, “subdivision” shall mean all divisions of a tract or parcel of land into 2 or more lots, building sites, or other divisions for the purpose of sale or building development (whether immediate or future) and shall include all divisions of land involving the dedication of new streets or a change in existing streets. C. Statutory Exemptions: The following are not included within the definition for subdivision above and are exempt from the regulations of this ordinance. All such exempt documents or plats to be recorded shall bear the notation, “Exempt pursua nt to the Town of Wake Forest Unified Development ordinance,” and the signature of the Administrator before being presented for recordation. 1. The combination or recombination of portions of previously subdivided and recorded lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of the subdivision regulations of the UDO; or 2. The division of land into parcels greater than 10 acres in size where no street right-of-way dedication is involved; or 3. The public acquisition by purchase of strips of land for the widening or opening of streets or for public transportation system corridors; or 4. The division of a tract in single ownership whose entire area is no greater than 2 acres into not more than 3 lots, where no street right-of-way dedication is involved, and where the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the subdivision standards of the UDO. 5. The division of a tract into parcels in accordance with the terms of a probated will or in accordance with interstate succession under Chapter 29 of the General Statutes. D. Site Plans Defined: A site plan is an architectural and/or engineering drawing of proposed improvements for a specific location that depicts such elements as building footprints, driveways, parking areas, drainage, utilities, lighting, and landscaping. The specific elements that are required of Site Master Plans, Site Construction Plans and Final Plats are outlined in Section 15.4

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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