Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.3 Required Improvements For All Development


6.3.1. Connection To Municipal Water Supply and Sanitary Sewer Systems A developer shall connect all lots shown on the Subdivision Plat with the municipal water supply and sanitary sewage systems according to the requirements of the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department, The Town of Wake Forest, and the table below.

Distance to Municipal Water Supply or Sewage System*

Number of Lots 5 to 20 21 to 50 51 to 100 100 or more

501 ft to 1,000 ft

0 ft to 300 ft

301 ft to 500 ft

1,001 ft or more


• X X X

• • X X

• • • X

X - Indicates the developer MUST connect the subdivision with the municipal water supply and sewage systems at their expense. • - Indicates the developer MAY connect the subdivision with the municipal water supply and sewage systems at their expense. * If any part of the subdivision lies within the specified distance, the entire subdivision is considered within the specified distance. 6.3.2. Street Trees The location and specification of trees to use in the public right of way is provided in Section 8.6 and in the Wake Forest Official Planting List. A developer shall provide an adequate drainage system, including necessary open ditches, pipes culverts, drop inlets, bridges, fill-in lots, etc. for the proper drainage of all surface water, according to the provisions of this section, Chapter 12 of this ordinance and the requirements of the MSSD. The developer shall provide the storm water system necessary to carry the water in a manner approved by the Administrator. B. All storm drainage shall be designed to accommodate the following design storm frequency: 1. Storm Sewer Collection: 10-year storm 2. Ditch Cross Drainage: 25-year storm 3. Catch Basins: 2-year storm C. Stormwater Control Measures and Low Impact Development Techniques are encouraged in the design of all subdivisions and developments. See the North Carolina Division of Water Resources: Stormwater Design Manual and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension: Low Impact Development Guidebook . D. All development proposals shall be consistent with the need to minimize flood damage according to the provisions of Chapter 12 of this ordinance. All development proposals shall have public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, electrical and water systems located and constructed to minimize flood damage. All subdivisions and developments shall have adequate drainage provided to reduce exposure to flood hazards. Appropriate street name signs which meet standard municipal specifications, found in the MSSD, shall be placed at all street intersections. The developer shall bear the expense. B. Proposed street names shall be submitted and subject to the approval of Wake County or Franklin County as appropriate. New names shall not duplicate or be similar to 6.3.3. Storm Drainage & Flood Prevention A. 6.3.4. Street Name Signs A.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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