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In a world where the coffee’s not cheap and the latest newsbyte is a downer, anything or anybody that sends out a genuinely positive vibe is memorable. A business owner and partnering creative director, for instance, for whom love is the operative word in most sentences, are a refreshing change from those for whom the word next describes their demeanour and business plan. When Caleb Bowers and his wife, Suzanne, speak about what they do at Bowers Construction, they’re speaking from the heart. They’re homeowners. They’re parents. And they believe in taking an active approach to both. They get that every new build is special. Caleb spent the early part of his professional life serving as a residential project manager for the high-end homes sector in the Halifax Regional Municipality. For him, clients have always been families. It’s much the same for Suzanne. She comes from a background in communications and she’s built a career on a creative knack for real estate development and understanding what her clients want in their dream home and making it a reality. Spotlight on Business Magazine caught up with Caleb and Suzanne via email as they are both very busy working on and traveling between projects in the HRM.



C aleb, Suzanne, can you please tell the readers how Bowers Construction came to be? CB: In 2014, the housing market was particularly slow and I was laid off as project manager for another custom home builder in the HRM. The very next day, Bowers Construction was incorporated. Suzanne brought her past expertise as a realtor in new con- struction condos, marketing and com- munications expert and design lover – and supportive partner – and we struck a fine balance to get started in West Bedford right on our very own great street. Caleb, what makes your vision and approach unique in the world of luxury home design and construc- tion? CB: Yes we strive to stand out visually - but we are all about the clients. We offer a full team of support because ultimately our goal is to create the vision our clients have had from the beginning and develop a strong rela- tionship and reputation along the way. We don’t want to see you at closing day and never again. We want to hand you those keys, and then be around to answer any questions and follow through. We want you to refer us; we want to build your next home and all your future homes. But if that’s not possible, we want to know you’re doing great and want to have your respect. We understand the pressure and stress that can be involved for our clients and our main focus is to make it an enjoy- able experience – a trustworthy one. We started out building for neighbours and that speaks to how we work. We imagine bumping into you ten times a week. Done right, it should be a respect-building relationship. Tell us more about how “Invites you home” got associated with the Bowers Construction brand? SB : We hoped it would ring loud and clear that we want your build process to be a warm, welcoming one. We’re not throwing you into a house we slapped together – we’re very humbly and cor- dially inviting you inside the home you’ve always wanted so you can find



peace and build beautiful memories. We know what home means. Each home we build potentially holds so many moments – meeting each other, getting engaged, bringing home babies. It’s a happy place! Custom design seems much more difficult to market as opposed to the cookie-cutter model. Suzanne, what are the challenges in marketing creativi- ty and limitless potential as opposed to binary options? SB : It’s always more difficult to order dinner from a huge menu! But if the server gives great recommendations, you should have a better meal this way than if you only have one or two options. Your dream home is like your fantasy meal – it’s such a personal thing. I think a home should possess the same individuality as you do. I tire of seeing identical homes, but even though many people agree, they still want ease of access to that tailored-to- them look. They don’t have time, or perhaps the direction of vision, to know just what they want, even though our clients all have wicked style and taste. That’s why our creative team is in-house to help you and make sure even if it’s simple, clean and tra- ditional, it’s what you love. We love helping you find the perfect unique look, or light, or tile, because it’s what we’re all about. We’ve never built two homes remotely the same. What is your range at Bowers Construction, geograph- ically speaking? CB: We build primarily in the HRM, but will venture further for the right project. Do you have immediate plans or see opportunities for Bowers Construction outside of the HRM? CB: We do not plan to expand operations outside of HRM at this time. There is plenty of opportunity here and this is where we call home. Caleb, can you please say a few things about those first projects at The Parks of West Bedford and what it all meant to Bowers Construction moving forward. CB: We had experience with West Bedford. We were building our own family and planting roots in West Bedford, so it was a natural start for our company. It was the place to be, no doubt. We are proud to say West Bedford was where we built our first homes and where our first handful of clients call home now. We miss them but still see them often. And what is that very first meeting like? What is an Open House experience like with Bowers Construction? CB: Our listing realtor, James Higgs – a partner at Para- chute Realty – is one of the most knowledgeable realtors around, especially when it comes to new construction. When you enter an open house, James will welcome you with his extensive experience, knowledge and, of course,

“Ultimately our goal is to create the vision our clients have had from the beginning.”



“We want your build process to be a warm, welcoming one.”

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genuine charm. We’re lucky to have him, and you’ll know he truly supports our brand, our level of construction quality, and our aesthetic as he now lives in a beautiful new Bowers built home with his own family. “We’re as loyal to them as they are to us.” Bowers Construction is well-represented at The Ravines of Bedford South, Brunello Estates, and the Parks of West Bedford. What are your day-to- day chal- lenges when you build homesin these upscale markets and work to maintain the hands-on reputation you’ve earned in the HRM? SB: We’ve found it challenging to find awesome, rare and current – yet affordable – fixtures, materials and house- wares locally. But we’ve really worked hard at it and have found some unreal sources and pushed our team and trades teams to do some new things they’d never done. We know it makes us who we are, so we’ll never be lazy on that front. But day-to- day, we find it hardest to balance family, which is everything to us, with our other family: Our clients and colleagues. That’s because it all sort of came at the same incredible time for us and we’re both very hands-on parents. Some days that’s meant trading places for a few moments with Caleb or one of our amazing trades people who’d come sit outside a jobsite with the baby so I could run inside to do a trim walk-through or consult with our painter. Seriously, our child has been sung to by the best of the best in Halifax construction. At the end of the day, we are happy to be growing and appreciate our success and never want to rest on our laurels and let it slip away. We work hard and we love it, though at times it’s hard to find a breath. CB: Our biggest challenge early on has been resources. The majority of our competition have deep pockets, which makes it difficult to compete on the larger scale with lots of ready-to- move-in and view spec homes.


CARPET | HARDWOOD | LAMINATE | TILE & STONE VINYL | WINDOW COVERINGS | AREA RUGS + Cabinets, Lighting & Countertops all under one roof...

Unfortunately, there have also been a few local builders – none of whom are still in business – who have earned a bit




of a bad reputation for the business. These are companies who didn’t follow through, in many ways, and there is still a lack of trust that exists with some buyers in the market. They need to see it to believe it. To prove ourselves and our core integrity, we have gone as far as welcoming hundreds of people into our personal home for years. And we never missed a day. Even while expecting a baby the very next day, with new babies and toddlers to clean up after, you name it, because at the time we didn’t have the resources to build spec homes to show. We’ve even had such gracious and supportive clients that they’ve offered to let us show their own homes to prove our quality. “Whatever you want and wherever you want to be, Bowers can make it happen.” We’ve been challenged but it does’;t mean we can’t make it work for everyone. We hope to start building your home as soon as you say GO, and have you happily moving in when you need to. Fortunately we have had some great support from devel- opers who believe in Bowers and now we are in multiple communities offering a premium product and a variety of price points.

Whatever you want and wherever you want to be, Bowers can make it happen.

Today, Bowers has The Luna, a stunning, modern model home in the HRM that is quite simply different than anything on the market. Open houses at The Luna are typ- ically Sundays



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