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In all aspects of our lives, we come up against challenges that feel insurmountable. Maybe it seems like we don’t have the tools we need or we’re missing a piece of the puzzle. In these situations, frustration can mount, and we have to overcome the urge to give up. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at a challenge from a new angle for a solution to present itself. At AZCOMP, we live by this approach. We innovate, improve, and use the resources available to us to make the impossible possible. Our eighth core value sums up this willingness to find a way: We surf Jaws.

knew I had a heart, a mind, and a soul,” Clay says, “and those were the three most important qualities to help me achieve my dream.”

Clay certainly had to face some serious challenges to pursue his goal. Even something basic that fishermen take for granted, like tying off a lure, required Clay to do some creative thinking. “Just about every time,” Clay says, “It gets ugly. We draw some blood.” Nevertheless, Clay wouldn’t be deterred. He focused on the tools he had, chief among them an incredible strength of will and spirit, and he refused to be defeated.

“I knew I had a heart, a mind, and a soul,” Clay says, “and those were the three most important qualities to help me achieve my dream.”

No, this value isn’t named for Spielberg’s famous movie, though surfing on a giant shark would be pretty rad. It’s named after a famous surfing break in Peahi, Hawaii. Jaws is a massive break, with waves towering up to 60 feet in the air. When Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama wanted to surf Jaws, they knew paddling out wouldn’t be an option. But they didn’t give up. Instead, they pioneered tow-in surfing to allow them to tackle the waves. Using the tools they had at hand — Jet Skis, tow

Talk about surfing Jaws, right? Clay doesn’t focus on the resources he doesn’t have, what he calls the “two hands and 10 fingers” of other anglers. His focus is on what he does have and how he can make it work for him. Watching this video, I couldn’t help but ask myself a few questions: What limits do I place on myself? How can I face obstacles with a better attitude? What can I achieve if I put all of my heart, mind, and soul into it?

rope, and wakeboard straps — in a new way, they rode waves that were previously untouchable. All it took was a little creativity, some can-do attitude, and a huge dose of bravery. When I think about a person who surfs Jaws every day, Clay Dyer immediately comes to mind. I saw a YouTube video about him, and it left my jaw on the floor. Now, Clay is a professional fisherman. I’m sure that might not get everyone’s interest piqued, but the next part of the story certainly will. Clay was born without legs, no left arm, and only part of his right arm. Even with what Clay calls his “physical build,” he was determined to become a professional athlete. “I

It can be easy to dwell on what we lack, but it’s a lot harder to be grateful for what we have. When we harness this gratitude and put our resources to the best possible use, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. The next time you run up against a problem, don’t resign yourself to despair. Harness your resources, think creatively, and believe in yourself. If you have an attitude like Clay’s, you’ll be surfing Jaws in no time. –Keven Cluff

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