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My Two New T V Addictions

With the high energy of summer winding down and the first day of fall now behind us, what better time to curl up on the couch and start a new TV show? Every couple weeks, it seems a highly anticipated series or season is released, so it can be difficult to choose what you should watch first. In fact, many people spend 20 minutes casually scrolling through Netflix before deciding to rewatch their favorite sitcoms. Having only started using Netflix last year, I admit I’m fairly late to the game when it comes to online entertainment streaming, and I only recently discovered you can watch actual shows on YouTube. If you’re more caught up on the technology, you might be shaking your head at my recent discovery, but it isn’t as if I didn’t know YouTube existed. I’ve been using it to both upload videos for Janet Davis Cleaners and find answers to “how to” questions for years, but I didn’t realize people used it for much else. Then a couple months ago, I came across an article highlighting the top-10 grossing channels on YouTube. In my skeptical state, I started researching, and that’s when I stumbled upon two YouTube- based shows about cars. I watched two episodes and then four more. When I finally decided to take a break, I realized I was already 20 episodes in! The first YouTube show I really sank my teeth into was “Hoovie’s Garage,” a show which documents the car adventures of

automotive writer Tyler Hoover. Hoover has his own impressive array of 30 cars at this point

example, he is currently rebuilding a Ferrari 460 he found at a salvage auction. The car had some floor damage and a strange engine issue, so he got it for only $20,000. With all his mechanical expertise, he’ll have it fixed and running in no time!

What I like about these shows (besides the cool cars) is that by using YouTube as a platform, viewers realize

(which he aptly refers to as the Hooptie Fleet). When searching for vehicles to add to his fleet, Hoover will often try to find some of the oldest and coolest, but still inexpensive, options. In a recent episode, for example, he bought a rare AMG performance-line Mercedes wagon for $15,000. While this car wasn’t a collectors’ item, only 15 were ever produced, so in the end, he purchased an interesting and unique $130,000 car for far less than it was worth. In Hoover’s collection, you can also find a Rolls Royce Phantom, which he bought for $70,000, and a 14-year- old Lamborghini, which he found with only 4,000 miles on it. The guy even has his own DeLorean! everyday guy who goes to salvage auctions to find cool sports cars that need a little TLC to get them back on the road. Most of the cars he finds have been in accidents, so they have a salvage title, but the value is way too low. He buys the cars cheaply and then takes them to his farm in Florida to fix. For The other channel I watch is called “Samcrac,” and it follows Sam, your

you don’t have to be a celebrity to find these rare automotive gems. Both Hoover and Sam are constantly buying cars that might seem out of reach for the average person, which proves that good mechanical expertise can go a long way! Plus, while both of these guys have thousands of followers who make sure to catch every episode, they are just normal people who found an innovative way to share their hobby with others. I keep thinking that maybe someday down the road, I’ll start a car-themed YouTube channel of my own. But, since that day is still a long way off, I’ll keep tuning into “Hoovie’s Garage” and “Samcrac” in the meantime. If you enjoy cars as much as I do, I highly recommend you check them out!

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