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Photo: Francis Racine

Participants took part in a Zumba session before taking part in the annual Walk for Alzheimer’s, on May 9 at the Lamoureux Park.


ease and other dementias and advance the search for the cause and cure. The Society has programs and services in nearly every community.

“Makingmemories matter is our slogan,” expressed an emotional Laurie Kennedy Sul- livan, on the stage of the bandshell. “I have a story from someone named Gilbert. He told me he pulled up to a local Tim Hortons on his electric bike and he had to park next to five big Harley Davidons and their riders.” Sullivan then proceeded to say, all the while tearing up, how he explained to the men he once had a car, before being dia- gnosed with Alzheimer’s. The riders then did the unthinkable. They invited him for a ride on one of their motorcycles and treated him like one of their own.“They even invited him to a local bless your bike day, organized by a church,” she said. The Alzheimer Society is the leading not-for-profit health organization working nationwide to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected by Alzheimer’s dis-

Since 1978, they’ve been dedicated to providing help for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their care- givers.

It seemed it was meant to be, for the nor- mally humid May weather was somehow missing. Instead, the 50 or so participants in the annual Walk for Alzheimer’s were treated to perfect morning on May 9, at the Lamoureux Park. “It’s the first day we do it in spring,” explai- ned SharynDuffey, campaign and volunteer coordinator with the Alzheimer’s society. “It’s a nationwide event that we used to do in January. We also changed the name from the walk of memories to the walk for Alzhei- mer’s. We wanted to have a bigger voice.” Before the walk took place, a session of Zumba was organized, in order to not only help the participants stretch, but to also elevate the spirits.

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Les décorations chinoises ainsi qu’un souper spaghetti et un encan silencieux faisaient partie de la deuxième édition de Tout feu, tout flamme, une collecte de fonds créée par l’École secondaire publique L’Héritage pour financer, en partie, un voyage en Chine ainsi que la classe de musique. La soirée, qui a eu lieu le 7 mai dernier, a été agrémentée d’un spectacle mettant en vedette plusieurs élèves de L›Héritage et de Rose des Vents. Le souper a été servi par les élèves qui se rendront en Chine l’an prochain. Il y a deux ans, des élèves de l’école s’étaient rendus en Europe. En photo, Roxanne Charbonneau, Philippe St-Arnaud et Katherine Dionne.

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