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“I have always been fascinated with the workings of the human body. My greatest passion in life is to help people which is why I became a physical therapist. As a physical therapist, nothing brings me more joy than seeing my patients return to good health and their active lifestyles.” “My focus as a physical therapist is to provide outstanding care while engaging with my patients to determine their individual needs so they can meet their goals and return to all their activities most effectively.” DPT: Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Provo, UT. BS: Athletic training, Weber State University, Ogden, UT. Member: AmericanPhysical Therapy Association, Utah Physical Therapy Association. Jason has a background in a wide variety of physical therapy treatments in both inpatient and outpatient environments. He has special interests in orthopedic and sports-related injuries, strength training, and general health and wellness. He utilizes evidence-based research in providing treatments and participates in frequent continuing education courses to provide the most updated treatments and information to his patients. Jason grew up in Kaysville, UT and currently resides in South Jordan, UT with his wife and young daughter. He is an avid weight lifter and enjoys participating in all outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing,

wakeboarding, and basketball. Jason and his family love to travel and to experience new countries and cultures. In April, Jason and his wife had the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and Beijing, China. While in Shanghai they visited Shanghai Disneyland and saw the incredible modern architecture and skyscrapers along The Bund. They rode a bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing reaching speeds of 200 mph. In Beijing they visited the Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, and the 2008 Olympic venues. The highlight of the trip was climbing The Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. After climbing 129 flights of stairs and taking in an amazing panoramic view of The Great Wall and surrounding mountains, they were able to check an item off their bucket list.

Newsletter Your Health &Fitness The newsletter helping you live life to the fullest “Move Like You Did In Your 20s!” STAND UP TO SCIATICA HERRIMAN 13358South5600West Herriman,UT84096 EAGLEMOUNTAIN 3943E.PonyExpressPkwy.,Ste.220 EagleMountain,UT84005


Doyouexperiencepain in thebuttock, leg,orevenyour foot? If so, you may be experiencing sciatica. Sciatica is a common form of back and leg pain that is often misunderstood by sufferers. People frequently have questions about what sciatica is, why it occurs and how to find relief from the intense pain it can cause from the low back down to the feet. If you are suffering from sciatica, it is important to find its root cause. Many people often think an x-ray or expensive MRI is first needed to figure out what is causing pain. Having a lot of tests doesn’t mean you will find its root cause. Recent studies show that nearly 1 million of MRIs done for sciatica fail to find a treatable cause. With a new imaging technique called magnetic resonance neurography,69%of thepatientswere found tohavea trapped sciatic nerve deep in the buttock by a muscle

called the piriformis. It is known that in about 25% of the general population, the sciatic nerve pierces through the piriformis muscle and can be susceptible

to abnormal pressure and irritation. Why Does Sciatica Occur?

If there are changes in posture, muscle strength or pelvic alignment, the nerve can be compressed which leads to the quite common low back and sciatic nerve pains. The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in your body. It even reaches down to the foot and therefore,canbe irritatedanywherealong itspath.With sciatica, the consequent ache can be felt anywhere from the base of the spine, the buttocks or the back of the thigh and legs. Even tingling sensations in the toes can be attributed at times to the impingement of the sciatic nerve.


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Seek Physical Therapy First! TREAT NATURAL PAIN WITH A NATURAL TREATMENT Bad Habits Can Increase Your Pain

Some seemingly harmless habits can also contribute to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. A frequent bad habit is crossing of the legs for extended periods, which puts pressure on the nerve. In addition, sitting for long periods is bad for your spine. It is possible for you to prevent or relieve sciatica simply by improving your posture. Physical Therapy Relieves Sciatica The specialists at Beyond Limits Physical Therapy play a crucial role in evaluating and treating sciatica, as well as other common back problems. Ourphysical therapistsaremedicalexpertswithyearsof training toevaluate yourbackproblem,finding the rootcauseofyoursciatica.An individualized treatment plan is created to guide you through the recovery process and maximize your success. When coming to Beyond Limits Physical Therapy, our friendly and knowledgeable therapists spend time with you. We train you on specific and easy exercises that will relieve the pain in your back and legs. In addition, our specialized hands-on therapy helps to gently loosen tight muscles and joints in your spine and legs. Your pain is quickly relieved and your flexibility restored, so you can feel like yourself again. Our cutting-edge treatments are doctor recommended and are specifically designed for you to reach your healthcare goals.

Knowing all this should give you a headstart in warding off painful sciatica. After all, it may be as simple as learning to stand tall. Journalofneurosurgery:SpineFeb,2005Volume2,Number2.AaronG.Filler,M.D.,Ph.D.,JodeanHaynes,B.A.,Sheldon E.Jordan,M.D.,JoshuaPrager,M.D.,J.PabloVillablanca,M.D.,KeyvanFarahani,Ph.D.,DuncanQ.Mcbride,M.D.,Jay S.Tsuruda,M.D.,BrannonMorisoli,B.A.,UlrichBatzdorf,M.D.,andJ.PatrickJohnson,M.D.


• Ultrasound • Iontophoresis • Whirlpool • Traction / decompression • Vestibular therapy • Women’s health

• Spinal manipulation • Neuromuscular re-education • Custom orthotics • Functional capacity evaluations • Electrical stimulation • Kinesiotaping

• Dry needling • Aquatic therapy • Gait training

• Therapeutic exercise • Joint and soft tissue mobilization • IASTM


Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body

Patient Success Spotlight

Think Beyond Limits Physical Therapy FIRST

“I’ve never had better care! Because of your facility, staff, equipment, etc, my rehabilitation took place faster and in less time than if I would have gone anywhere else. I’ve already recommended you to others and will continue to do so! Thanks to all of you!” – M.B. I’ve never had better care!

If you know someone suffering with aches and pains give the gift of health. Refer them to Beyond Limits Physical Therapy today. Pass along this newsletter or have them call us directly to schedule an evaluation! Why You Need To Come in For Another Check Up: � Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely � Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle


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Attention Sciatica & Back Pain Sufferers

Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

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ABDOMINAL BRACING Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place your hands on the front of your pelvis and contract your deep core. Straighten one knee. Return foot to the starting position. Alternate legs one at a time. Repeat 10 times on both sides. Strengthens Core

a Do you have back pain when moving or standing for long periods of time? a Does your pain get worse with walking? a Do you suffer with stiffness in your back? If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions, we can help.

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