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February 2019

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Celebrate Every Day with These Odd February Holidays

1. Bubble Gum Day

16. Do a Grouch a Favor Day

2. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

17. Random Acts of Kindness Day

3. Feed the Birds Day

18. National Drink Wine Day

4. Thank a

Mailman Day

19. National

5. Chinese

Chocolate Mint Day

New Years

With the holidays behind us, spring is starting to peek around the corner. It’s about this time when we start looking forward to enjoying the outdoors without being bundled to the gills in bulky winter garb. We’re so close, but we’re not there yet, and this anticipation can have children going stir- crazy before spring arrives in earnest. But fear not! Here are some tips to keep your little ones entertained during the home stretch of winter. With the worldwide popularity of cooking shows, it won’t be hard to find inspiration for your family to host a bake-off in your own kitchen! You’ll all get to enjoy homemade food and spend quality time together without a phone constantly on hand. You could even make an ongoing baking competition over a period of time, regardless of the season. Split up into teams depending on the size of your family, have the little ones help out as much as you feel comfortable with, and designate an impartial judge to determine the winner! Your family will develop baking skills and build a slew of lifelong memories. Avoid Going Stir-Crazy During the Last Leg of Winter It Doesn’t Take a Village to Create Exciting Memories Have a Family Bake-Off

6. Lame Duck Day

20. Love Your Pet Day

7. Send a Card to a Friend Day

21. Card Reading Day

22. Walking the Dog Day

8. Kite Flying Day

9. National Pizza Day

23. Tennis Day

10. Umbrella Day

24. National Tortilla Chip Day

11. National

Inventors Day

25. Pistol Patent Day

12. National Lost Penny Day

26. Tell a

Fairy Tale Day

13. Get a Different Name Day

27. No Brainer Day

28. Public

14. Ferris Wheel Day

Sleeping Day

15. Singles

Awareness Day

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