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Celebrate Every Day with These Odd February Holidays

1. Bubble Gum Day

16. Do a Grouch a Favor Day

2. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

17. Random Acts of Kindness Day

3. Feed the Birds Day

18. National Drink Wine Day

4. Thank a

Mailman Day

19. National

5. Chinese

Chocolate Mint Day

New Years

With the holidays behind us, spring is starting to peek around the corner. It’s about this time when we start looking forward to enjoying the outdoors without being bundled to the gills in bulky winter garb. We’re so close, but we’re not there yet, and this anticipation can have children going stir- crazy before spring arrives in earnest. But fear not! Here are some tips to keep your little ones entertained during the home stretch of winter. With the worldwide popularity of cooking shows, it won’t be hard to find inspiration for your family to host a bake-off in your own kitchen! You’ll all get to enjoy homemade food and spend quality time together without a phone constantly on hand. You could even make an ongoing baking competition over a period of time, regardless of the season. Split up into teams depending on the size of your family, have the little ones help out as much as you feel comfortable with, and designate an impartial judge to determine the winner! Your family will develop baking skills and build a slew of lifelong memories. Avoid Going Stir-Crazy During the Last Leg of Winter It Doesn’t Take a Village to Create Exciting Memories Have a Family Bake-Off

6. Lame Duck Day

20. Love Your Pet Day

7. Send a Card to a Friend Day

21. Card Reading Day

22. Walking the Dog Day

8. Kite Flying Day

9. National Pizza Day

23. Tennis Day

10. Umbrella Day

24. National Tortilla Chip Day

11. National

Inventors Day

25. Pistol Patent Day

12. National Lost Penny Day

26. Tell a

Fairy Tale Day

13. Get a Different Name Day

27. No Brainer Day

28. Public

14. Ferris Wheel Day

Sleeping Day

15. Singles

Awareness Day

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Start a Series of Family Movie Nights

Put on a Talent Show

play some audience reactions from YouTube and encourage them to give acceptance speeches for their awards after the big gig. When spring finally arrives, your kids will be the talk of the class with tales of their newfound pop culture knowledge and delicately crafted baked snacks. But, more importantly, you’ll be happy to know you made the choice to feed your children’s creativity and cultivate their love for learning while growing closer to them.

Do you have a favorite movie series you watched growing up? It could be Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Ghostbusters. Chances are you haven’t revisited your favorite sagas in years. Why not spend these chilly evenings sharing your old cinematic favorites with your kids for the first time? While your little tykes get lost in the stories and let their imaginations run wild, you’ll get some much-needed relaxation and popcorn time. Choose the movies to fit the age of your youngins and mood of the day.

Chances are your kid wants to be something other than a kid someday. Whether it’s a zookeeper, a magician, or an accountant, fuel those ambitions and turn them loose on a homemade stage. You can set up all you need with just a few cardboard boxes and blankets, though you may want to give out prizes or accolades for each performance. Give them some time to practice and old clothes from the attic and let them show their stuff to a panel of their peers. To enhance the theatrical experience,

3 Tips to Prevent Raising a Picky Eater When you’re trying to feed your child, keep themhealthy, and prevent them frombecoming one of thoseweird adults with the stunted palate of a 2-year-old, itmay feel like you’re facedwith an uphill climb. Research shows that fussy eatingmay be as linked to genetics as it is to upbringing, not to mention the tangle of other psychosocial factors that can fuel a child’s inscrutable food preferences.

3. Make a variety of dishes.

That said, there areways to help your child foster a healthy relationshipwith food and encourage themto be adventurous eaters.

The more monotonous your nightly menu is, the fewer new foods your child will be exposed to, and the harder it will become to introduce healthy newcomers to the table. If your kids like green beans, great, but don’t start serving green beans with every meal just because you know those are the only veggies they’ll eat. Keep it varied and fun, and your kid’s palate will follow. You shouldn’t force your kid to eat food they don’t want to eat, but you shouldn’t cater too closely to their fussy habits either. Present them with a wide variety of the healthy options you want them to eat, and let themdiscover the joys of taste and texture as they grow.

a1. Keep your expectations in check.

it out on their own terms. Normalizing those Brussels sprouts is half the battle. 2. Avoid turning vegetables into chores. You might think that offering your child a reward in return for finishing their green beans is a good way to make sure your child gets their nutrients, but it causes more problems than it’s worth. It just reinforces your child’s perception that the green beans are the“bad” food they have to choke down before getting to the good stuff.

When a child first encounters a new food, they’re going to give it the side-eye. That’s natural. In fact, according to a 2003 study, it may take as many as 12“exposures”to a new food for it to become familiar, much less something they want to eat. If you put toomuch pressure on them to eat every last bit of the new food, that particular food won’t fare well in their memories and you’ll have to fight those negative associations from then on. Instead, talk about the new food as you’re preparing it, involve your child in the preparation, and have them check

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A Quadruple Amputee Who Inspires the World Chi Chi the Rescue Dog

the challenge. There were struggles as Chi Chi learned to trust people again, but with time, Chi Chi found peace and joy with her new family. “She exemplifies resilience and forgiveness and willingly shares her love and compassion in abundance,”Howell has said.“Her sweet-tempered and gentle spirit opens people’s hearts and her perceptive spirit senses where her love is needed.” Chi Chi’s vet has called her a“miracle dog,” referring both to the fact that she survived losing all her legs and to the joy she brings to the world. Today, Chi Chi is a registered therapy dog, offering strength, love, and support to those who need it most. She visits VA hospitals, assisted living facilities, and children with disabilities. To celebrate her journey of survival, courage, and love, Chi Chi was honored with the American Humane Hero Dog Award in 2018. You can follow the adventures of this brave, loving canine at

In our darkest moments, it can be hard to believe joy can be found again. But one amazing dog proves that no matter what happens, through love and patience, we can make the world a better place. Chi Chi is a golden retriever who was found in a dumpster by an animal rescue group in South Korea. Badly injured and left in a garbage bag with her legs bound together, the only way to save Chi Chi’s life was to amputate all four of her legs. As she recovered, the call went out to find a family who could care for a dog with serious medical needs. As a quadruple amputee, just getting Chi Chi’s prosthetics on so she could go outside in the morning would be time-consuming. Fortunately, Elizabeth Howell fromArizona saw a video about Chi Chi’s plight online. “She stole my heart,”Howell said, taken by how Chi Chi was still wagging her tail despite her injuries. After seeing Chi Chi’s perseverance and her will to live, Elizabeth and her family took on

Take a Break!



3/4 teaspoon fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh cilantro, minced 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh chives, minced 1 1/2 teaspoons grapeseed or vegetable oil Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

1 8-ounce boneless, skinless salmon fillet

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

1/4 teaspoon lime zest

1/4 cup cucumber, seeded and finely diced 1 1/2 teaspoons jalapeno peppers, seeded andminced

1 1/2 teaspoons shallots, minced

Crackers or chips, for serving


1. Place salmon in freezer for 20 minutes to make slicing easier. 2. Meanwhile, prepare other ingredients for mixing. 3. Thinly slice salmon into sheets and cut sheets into strips and strips into cubes. When finished, you should have 1/8-inch cubes. 4. In a mixing bowl, combine salmon with all other ingredients. Season with salt and pepper. 5. Garnish with chips or crackers and serve.





Recipe courtesy of Food Network

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Safe and Sweet Allergy-Friendly Vale tines for Your Child’s Classmates

and fun snack, or pass out goody bags with apples, bananas, and clementines. Offering a group snack that is allergy-friendly will keep your children and their friends safe and healthy, and it can also help children with allergies feel included in the festivities. As with all Valentine’s Day gifts, keep in mind that it’s not the item or money spent that means the most. It’s the thought behind each gift that makes receiving valentines the sweetest part.

For a parent of a child with allergies, every day can feel like a battle with food labels and ingredients lists — and Valentine’s Day only exacerbates this fear. Avoid the danger of an allergic reaction on Valentine’s Day by creating alternative, candy-free valentines that the whole class will enjoy!

Get Creative

kids will love that won’t break your bank. Think bouncy balls, mini skateboards, Army men, yo- yos, puzzles, rubber ducks, hand-held games, markers, or bubbles. Adorn these little gifts with yarn, ribbons, or personalized tags, and slap on cute sayings to make them fit for the holiday. Finish off the masterpiece by having your kiddo sign their name on each valentine, and you’ve got a kid-approved Valentine’s Day favorite. If you’re worried about food allergies but still want to make a yummy treat, ask your child’s teacher for a list of students’allergies, then just work around them. Fruits are usually a safe bet, but it’s best to double check. You could skewer strawberries and heart-shaped pieces of watermelon onto kabob sticks for a sweet Fancy Up Some Fruit

This valentine idea taps into your kids’desire to create by using commonly found household items. Have your children draw pictures, create cards, mold tiny sculptures, or braid together friendship bracelets to create one-of-a-kind gifts that will be safe for their classmates to enjoy. Kids can put their own effort into gift- giving, and their valentines will have a personal touch candy cannot replicate.

Think Like a Kid

If you’re looking for a creative valentine that will be safe for all your child’s friends to play with, check no further than the toy aisle of your local dollar store. While being mindful of latex allergies, you can purchase little toys that

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