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What our recent graduates had to say...

My knee feels better! “I came here with a chronic pain in my right knee. It has been really great working out for 16 sessions. The stretches, unilateral exercises have really helped me a lot. My knee feels better and with constant supervision, I was confident that I was not doing anything wrong. Thanks Samir, Jennifer,

Daisy, Kevin and Nicole.” – Rahul S. I am about symptom free!

“I came in a snowy evening and I met Samir and one of his students. I am pretty sure they waited for me. It was after 5 pm and the weather was bad. My symptoms were bad too. I was experiencing radicular symptoms into my right arm and my right thumb was numb. This has been annoying for a few weeks. Samir performed an evaluation and set me out on a course of PT. Over the course of 18 or so visits I am about symptom free. Most importantly, I have a better understanding of my anatomy and exercises to take with me. While PT is not all that fun, Samir and his entire staff make the experience all the better. I will not miss PT, but I will miss seeing Samir and his staff.” – Tom F. The care has been beyond extraordinary! “Fracturing and chipping my talus bone, along with a level 3 sprain was especially frightening to me since I own a dance studio and teach dance for a living. Not to mention the pain I was in. Samir and Jen and Nicole helped me recover in so many ways. Physically, I am back to doing the

everyday things I love. Walking an hour and 1/2 hikes with our dog Maia, I am back 100%. I am back teaching and I am able to demonstrate for ballet class and choreography almost full out. The care has been beyond extraordinary. Samir, Jen and Nicole have been supportive, both physically and emotionally. They are very professional and I am so very grateful for their knowledge and wisdom. I am so very thankful that my orthopedist, Dr. Ho recommended Activa Physical Therapy! I will be forever indebted to all of them and think of them daily as I do my dreaded hip lifts, heel and toe lifts! I will certainly recommend Activa to anyone that is in need of help through physical therapy.” – Regina M.

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