Meat Presses Catalog



The Fusion Tech Single Roller Conveyor was designed to provide adjust- able flattening and separation of meat before entering a shredder to provide a hand-pulled look.

The unique design of this roller conveyor allows for the roller height to be adjusted from either side of the conveyor.

The roller is filled with dye to alert operators and maintenance should the roller ever crack — preventing bacteria from getting into the roller and causing a food safety issue.

The Single Roller Conveyor is the ultimate solution to flattening and sepa- rating the muscle fibers of your meat product.

Discharge Hopper 28.50” from floor

Roller Diameter

Model #


Top of Belt


81.66”l x 36.01”w x 61.32”h 36”


Dye Filled Press Roll Press roller is filled with dye to highlight if it ever cracks.

Discharge Chute Directs product to conveyor or bin below.

Thermodrive Belting Conveyor is equipped with

Thermodrive 8050 Flat Top 7mm polyurethane blue belting. Can be changed to your preference.

Roller Adjuster Roller height adjusts easily with the turn of a handle.

Removable Handle The adjusting handle removes to use on either side of the convey- or for ease of use.

Shown without guarding

Safety Sensors Safety sensors located on guarding verify safety cage over roller is securely closed.


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