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At the Russell Heritage Festival over the September 21 weekend the Township of Russell unveiled the first four plaques as part of the new Historical Plaque Program. The program will commemorate his- torically significant buildings, properties, or people within the Township of Russell. Sites recognized this year include the Great Russell Fire of 1915 with a plaque set up near the Old Registry Office, the historic 4U"OESFXTBOE4U1BVMT6OJUFE$IVSDI Cemetery, the newly renamed County bridge in honour of the early milling industry started by the Carscadden family, and the Church .VTFVN#VJMEJOHBUUIF,FJUI.#PZE.V - seum as being the oldest public building in the township. Speakers for the unveiling ceremony in- DMVEFE8BSEFO3PCFSU,JSCZGPSUIF6OJUFE Counties of Prescott and Russell, Russell 5PXOTIJQ.BZPS1JFSSF-FSPVY WBSJPVTNFN - bers of the Russell and District Historical 4PDJFUZ BOE#BSSZ$BSTDBEEFO SFQSFTFOUJOH the Carscadden family. Each bronze plaque, designed and manufactured through John Jackson of 5IJOHT.BEF IBTBIJTUPSJDBMQIPUPBOE CJMJOHVBMUFYUEFTDSJCJOHUIFTJUFTIJTUPSJDBM significance. There are further details and older photos available about each memorial plaque subject on the township website. As the program progresses, additional features

Au cours de la fin de semaine du 21 septembre, le canton de Russell a dévoilé les quatre premières plaques au Russell Heritage Festival dans le cadre du nouveau programme des plaques historiques. Le programme commémorera des édifices, des propriétés ou des personnes d’importance historique dans le canton de Russell. —photo Annie Lafortune

TVDIBTUPVSNBQTBOE:PV5VCFWJEFPTPG resident’s stories will be incorporated. The township anticipates the program XJMMHSPXUPQMBRVFTXJUIJOUIFOFYUàWF years, creating a network of the township’s history, including every village within the municipality. The goal of this program is to tell the story of the township, and to foster an interest and understanding of the community’s roots. The program is not only

an investment to preserve the township’s history, but will also be a tourism activity for visitors and residents alike. The project was able to begin with the assistance of and through a partnership with the Russell and District Historical Society, which is why the first four locations are within the Village of Russell. Society members dedicated many hours to researching the events and retrieving historical photos for the

plaques, in addition to financially contributing to these plaques. A new plaque in the program for the Vil- lage of Embrun is already in the planning stages, thanks to a partnership with a local French club. The township invites members of the pub- lic to provide suggestions for future sites for consideration through the Historical Plaque Program by contacting

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