Training Room_ ACL Injuries in Young Female Athletes

ACL C.A.R.E (Complete Athlete Recovery Experience) AComprehensive Program for ACLManagement

Our Mission Our mission is to provide a comprehensive programwhich encompasses injury prevention, injury management and return to play. ACL C.A.R.E. will provide a resource for those at risk for ACL injury and those involved with athletes at risk, in addition to those who have already sustained an ACL injury. Goals of ACL CARE • Reduce the incidence of ACL injuries through education, training, and screening. • Provide rehabilitation and training based on the most current scientific data provided by staff who are experienced and educated in the best practices in ACL treatment and prevention. • Providepatientswith themost comprehensive and criteria based progression in recovery. • Provide physicians with objective data to make decisions on return to activity. The Pillars of ACL CARE 1. Injury Prevention: • Educational programs • ACL injury prevention training

• R2P Program for post rehabilitation recovery 3. Return to Play: • Functional testing for progression to full activity • Functional testing for readiness to return to full sports participation ACL Services Return 2 Play Program:

Big improvements are the focus to improve overall performance in sports or daily life. This is a great place for clients who have been discharged from formal physical therapy or coming off an injury, but have not yet reached their goals. Return to Sport Evaluation: The Training Room has developed a return to sport testing protocol to assess an athlete’s readiness to return to sports participation following an ACL or other lower extremity injury. Our protocol is based on the most current scientific literature and has been part of a research study for validation. Single leg hopping, shuttle run drill, and The results of the RTS test are relayed to the physician and used for return to play decision making. Injury Prevention Training: All of our performance training whether it is for our athletes or our adult fitness clients are geared to injury prevention training. Specifically for ACL injury prevention, we address the known risk factors of knee injury including modifiable movement patterns: dynamic knee valgus (diving in at the knees), stiff landings, leg dominance and lack of core control. There is evidence that prevention programs have succeeded in reducing knee injuries by 27% and ACL injuries by 51%. So if you are participating in sports, specifically the higher risk sports including basketball, soccer, lacrosse and football, this is a great program for you to keep you healthy and in the game while also enhancing your overall performance. What Our Patients Have to Say: “It is so easy to pop online to and do our sessions. My trainer, Akil, explained the specific area where my pain was originating from on a shared screen with skeletal diagrams, and showed me the muscle groups we would work on strengthening. Due to current circumstances, I’m so grateful to still be able to access a physical trainer. I am perfectly able to see Akil model my assigned exercises and have him evaluate my posture/stance when copying the exercises. In just 3 weeks, my back is already feeling more mobility, less pain, and more stable than in the past two years. I am extremely happy that I decided to do PT at The Training Room. This is my new happy place!!” – A. K.

Our Return 2 Play program is designed for individuals of any age and ability that have been previously injured and are trying to return to exceed pre-injury physical performance and fitness levels. In this program a coach designs and individualized workout to address the client’s specific deficits – strength, balance, coordination, endurance, mobility, etc. a home programwill be provided. Follow up visits will be approximately 30-minute appointments to assess symptoms and progress, perform and progress exercises, and advance activity. Exercises, education, modification of activity, progression home program and self- treatments will be explained and demonstrated. Lots can be done with just our eyes and ears!! To get started, please fill out the form at via-telehealth or call us at 856-874-1166 if you are interested in getting started with PT sessions via Telehealth OR if you want us to just check out your insurance coverage.

• Injury risk screening 2. Injury Management:

• Expert rehabilitation for ACL injuries including pre & post and non-operative care • Criteria based protocols

What does a Telehealth session entail? Each session will depend on what is needed by you from your physical therapist. For new patients, there will be a 45-60 minute evaluation. Your physical therapist will ask questions about your injury/condition and will get a thorough history of what may be contributing to your symptoms. You will then be asked to go through various movements and actions so your physical therapist can evaluate your movement patterns and identify areas that need to be addressed. A large part of the first visit is education on how to reduce your pain/inflammation and make changes to your lifestyle to begin recovery for your injury/ condition. A treatment plan will be discussed and

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