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MEET MATT COX, OUR NEW PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT How the End of the Year Makes You Think About the Beginning

equipment, and I am a physical therapist assistant. While I credit my dad and my siblings with helping to spark my interest in this field, my own experiences working with physical therapists definitely influenced my later career choices. You see, I suffered a lot of injuries when I was younger. Because I played football, baseball, and basketball, ran track in high school, and then played football at Bloomsburg University in college, I put my body through a lot of strain. Subsequently, injuries happened, and when they did, I worked with a therapist to get myself back out on the field as soon as possible. While my injuries were both painful and devastating at times, my physical therapist’s rehabilitation exercises and constant encouragement helped keep me positive, and I decided that when I went to college, I wanted to help others the way he helped me.

goals. I took those skills with me when I started physical therapy assistant school at Central Penn College. Now that I am at Gilbert Physical Therapy, I am so thankful that I made the choice to follow in the footsteps of the two doctors who inspired me all those years ago. I love that I have the opportunity to work and interact with patients every single day and that I get to be an instrument in their journey to recovery. I get to help them through their pain and their struggles, and then I get to celebrate their progress with them. While I have only been here for a few short months, the patients I have met and the team I get to work with have made my experience undeniably great. without the support of my amazing family. My wife, Erin, and our sons are the lights of my life. Getting to be active, explore the outdoors, and play baseball with them are my favorite pastimes. This month, in addition to preparing for Christmas Day, we are gearing up to go to my mom’s house for Christmas Eve. Since I was little, my mom — or Brenda, as she is known to everyone else in the community — has always kept up with the tradition of hosting a big Christmas Eve party and letting everyone open one present. As my family and I gather around the tree, I will sit back and reflect on how grateful I am to have the job and the life I have today. Of course, none of these professional accomplishments would have happened

Every year, my sons and I start preparing for Christmas Day on Dec. 1. We craft their wish lists for Santa Claus, bring out our Elf on the Shelf, and scout for deer (my sons think they’re reindeer) as we drive by rolling fields. Every time I start these Christmas traditions anew, I find myself thinking about beginnings — the beginning of the year, the beginning of my family, the beginning of my career. Since my start at Gilbert Physical Therapy four months ago, I’ve spent lots of time pondering the path I took to get here. I almost feel as though I was destined to work in the medical field. Growing up, my siblings and I got to see my dad work as a family physician here in Mechanicsburg, and the genuine help and care he provided for his patients was inspiring to all of us. Today, my older sister is a physical therapist, my two older brothers sell and distribute medical


I started this venture by earning my undergraduate degree in exercise science. Shortly after my graduation, I got certified as a personal trainer and ran my own business out of the Red Cedar Fitness Center. As a personal trainer, I improved my own exercise skills, taught clients how to work through physical injuries, and helped them reach their fitness

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