Final words: city & CUPE  gŏđŏ

Public Library. City Hall also denies any threat of disci- pline against employees for union activity. Instead the city investigated a harassment complaint from one employee against an- other who also was a CUPE representative. “Once the investigation was completed, the City determined that no disciplinary measures would be imposed,” the press release stated. “In fact, it would be a viola- tion of the Ontario Labour Relations Act to threaten discipline against an employee for engaging in union activity.” The press release noted that CUPE could file a complaint with the Ontario Labour Re- lations Board if the union felt it had cause. In an email to the Vision, Bézaire argued that during bargaining talks the city’s nego- tiating team continued to insist on deletion of the “just cause” provision of the original contract for CUPE members up to and until the final contract offer was presented. “This is a fundamental right which the City threatened to remove from the collec- tive agreement,” stated Bézaire, “from the beginning to the end of negotiations.”


ROCKLAND | There is a new three-year contract between the City of Clarence- Rockland and its workers. But both the city and the union representing those employees had a few final words to say to each other. Both council and the local for the Cana- dian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) rati- fied the new contract, avoiding a potential strike situation this winter. During the past weeks when the two sides were negotiating a new contract and then the union held a strike vote, CUPE spokesman Jean-Marc Bézaire alleged in statements to the media that the city’s ne- gotiating team was hamstrung during the bargaining sessions by orders “from higher up” at City Hall. A press release from the city issued Feb. 6 following council approval of the new contract denied the allegation and also charged CUPE with “misrepresenting the manner in which the City of Clarence-Rock- land has approached the negotiations” and creating public misconceptions about the whole process during media interviews. “Contrary to CUPE’s insinuations, there was no interference in the negotiations on the part of Council,” the release stated. “In fact, the mandate given to the negoti- ating team by Council remained the same throughout the process.” The press release also stated that there were “no attacks on the ‘fundamental rights’ of municipal employees” during the con- tract talks and that what city negotiators presented was a proposal for the same kind of discipline language already found in the CUPE contract with the Clarence-Rockland

Volunteer insurance

L’ORIGNAL | Volunteers are the backbone for many community programs and proj- ects and now they will have insurance cov- erage from the United Counties of Prescott- Russell. Counties council voted to accept a proposal to spend $750 a year extra on its liability coverage for a Volunteers Accident Insurance Policy. The policy is meant to pro- vide accident coverage, with certain limits, to support volunteers who provide support for special events and programs that the counties sponsors.



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