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STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS W HITESTONE A SSOCIATES , I NC . Environmental & Geotechnical Engineers & Consultants A 100% employee-owned company providing complete, integrated environmental, geotechnical, and construction phase engineering and consulting services in support of site development and redevelopment since 1994.



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Whitestone Associates, Inc. provides complete, integrated environmental, geotechnical, and construction phase engineering and consulting services to a diverse, predominantly private sector client base that includes international and national corporations, law firms, real estate developers and agents, lending institutions, insurance underwriters, as well as government and municipal agencies. Our multi-disciplined staff includes professional engineers licensed in 23 states and the District of Columbia, licensed site remediation professionals (NJ), licensed site professionals (MA), licensed environmental professionals (CT), certified professional geologists, professional environmental auditors, licensed asbestos and lead inspectors, certified hazardous waste supervisors, and experienced construction inspectors. Quality, customer service, and integrity define our professionals, exemplify our work product, and ensure your success.

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Locations Headquartered in Warren, NJ Branch Offices:  Wall, NJ  Chalfont, PA  Philadelphia, PA  Southborough, MA  Rocky Hill, CT  Bedford, NH  Rochester, NY  Tampa, FL  West Palm Beach, FL  Buffalo, NY Satellite Operations:  Miami, FL  Seattle, WA  Charleston, SC  Ridgewood, NJ

Serving Clients Nationwide Since 1994


Originally founded in Watchung, New Jersey in 1994 as Whitestone Environmental Compliance Management, Inc., the company added geotechnical and construction phase engineering capabilities in 1995 and subsequently was renamed Whitestone Associates, Inc. in 1999. Whitestone specializes in commercial, industrial, and retail site development/redevelopment from due diligence investigation through site remediation and construction phase testing and inspection (CPT&I). Branch offices in Chalfont, Pennsylvania (1999), Southborough, Massachusetts (2016), Rocky Hill, Connecticut (2017), Wall, New Jersey (2018), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2019), Tampa, Florida (2022), Bedford, New Hampshire (2022), West Palm Beach, Florida (2023), Rochester, New York (2023) and Buffalo, New York (2024) as well as satellite operations in Charleston, South Carolina (2015), Seattle, Washington (2020) and Miami, Florida (2022) were opened to accommodate the company’s growth, expanding client base, and extended geographic range. Whitestone relocated to its current corporate headquarters in Warren, New Jersey in 2020.

The company’s growth and continued success can be attributed to a simple “CUSTOMER FIRST” business philosophy and strict adherence to the firm’s Core Values (illustrated below) of which the primary attribute is Quality. Whitestone’s zero-tolerance policy ensures that the quality of our employees and our work product is of paramount importance. Additionally, Whitestone emphasizes its role as consultants, not just an engineers or scientists, and all employees are trained to “put yourself in the client’s shoes” – know what’s most important to the client, and ensure that the message is delivered in a way that’s easily received and readily understood. Whitestone grew out of the recession of the early 1990’s, weathered the Great Recession from 2008 to 2013, and maintained operations through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our success is the product of maintaining our corporate focus, adhering to our Core Values, and ensuring an exemplary customer experience. Yet, we’ve also retained a “corporate family” atmosphere and make certain we balance hard work with quality of life outside the office. Our corporate culture also embraces a “giving back and paying forward” philosophy that includes promoting charitable activities and volunteering opportunities.


Environmental Services

Negotiating the complexities of environmental regulations can be challenging and time consuming. Whitestone relies upon demonstrated experience and knowledge of local conditions and regulations to deliver solutions that are timely, practical, and cost-effective.  Due Diligence Investigations and Property Transfer Related Site Evaluations including:  Phase I Environmental Site Assessments  Phase II Site Investigations/Remedial Investigations  Remedial Action Feasibility Analyses and Budgetary Cost Estimates  Property Condition Assessments  Environmental Liability Protection/Insurance Procurement Assistance)  Brownfields Redevelopment (Site Evaluation and Remediation Management including Fixed-Fee Remediation).  Remedial Design/Remediation Management including:  Contaminated Site Encapsulation  Bioremediation  In-Situ Soil and Groundwater Treatment Systems  Underground Storage Tank Evaluation and Closure.  Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Indoor Air Quality, Mold, and Wetlands Evaluation, Abatement, Management, and Restoration Programs.  Permit Coordination & Compliance.  Waste Management.  Litigation Support/Expert Witness Services.

Geotechnical Services Design and construction of functional and cost-effective structures require a thorough understanding of local soil, rock and groundwater conditions. Whitestone provides a wide range of geotechnical services to support all phases of a project, from initial site evaluation through construction.

 Subsurface geotechnical investigations and engineering evaluation, including design parameters and construction recommendations for foundations, pavements, floor slabs, retaining walls, ground improvements, earthwork and grading, groundwater control, and seismic site classification and spectral response analyses.  Seasonal high groundwater determination and permeability testing for use in stormwater management and/or on-site septic system design and permitting.  On-site wastewater treatment and septic system evaluation, feasibility analyses, design and permitting.  Soil classification and laboratory analyses for geotechnical parameters.  Existing pavement assessment and life-cycle oriented repair and maintenance recommendations including plan and specification preparation, bid review, and construction materials inspection.  Client consultation services including final document review, budget analyses, bidding assistance, and construction phase through service-life troubleshooting.

In-House, NVLAP Accredited Geotechnical Laboratories

Construction Phase Services Construction Phase Testing and Inspection services ensure that a project is being constructed using the correct materials, and employing proper workmanship, while managing change orders. Whitestone’s staff understand both construction materials and processes and are supported by Whitestone’s in-house, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredited laboratories.  Special Inspections (Statement of Special Inspection Preparation, Special Inspection Program Coordination, Construction and Fabrication)  Earthwork, Density Testing, Proofroll Monitoring, Demolition and Pad Preparation Monitoring  Shallow, Intermediate, and Deep Pile Foundation Inspections  Ground Improvement Monitoring and Field Verification  Lateral Earth Support and Support of Excavation (SOE) Design and Inspection  Building Pad Certification Testing  Cast-in-Place and Precast Concrete  Masonry  Reinforcing Steel  Structural and Cold-Formed Steel  Wood Framing  Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)  Spray-Applied and Intumescent Fireproofing and Firestopping  Roofing Systems  Asphalt and Concrete Pavement and Core Sampling  Floor Flatness  Windsor Probe and Rebound Hammer  Batch Plant and Fabricator Shop Inspections  Non-Destructive and Forensic Testing  Laboratory Analyses  Moisture-Density Proctor Testing  Sieve Analyses  Hydrometer Analyses

 Moisture Content  Slake Durability

 Atterberg Limits  Specific Gravity

 LA Abrasion  Organic Content

 Bulk Density

 Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing of

 Asphalt Extraction

Grout/Masonry/Prisms/Masonry Units

Property Condition Assessment Services A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) evaluates the existing condition of site buildings and the subject property to identify deferred maintenance items, assess anticipated repair costs, and assist with purchase price or refinancing negotiations. Whitestone’s various levels of PCA services range from desktop surveys to property condition reports in accordance with ASTM E2018. Ancillary services often conducted concurrently with the PCA include Hazardous Building Material Surveys and Existing Pavement and Retaining Wall Evaluations  Building systems review (including heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC], vertical transportation, plumbing, electrical, fire protection and life safety); management, maintenance, and equipment contract service provider staff interviews; and as-built plans and maintenance records review.  Structural elements evaluation (including foundations, roofing, interior and exterior superstructure, interior finishes, drainage systems, retaining walls and sanitary waste management systems).  Building systems condition, life expectancy, and estimated repair/replacement budget preparation (including roof, EIFS, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior/exterior walls, floors, windows, and site features such as pavements, retaining walls, exterior lighting and landscaping).  Life-cycle oriented repair assessment, maintenance and replacement recommendations.

Our Team Whitestone is a 100% employee-owned company led by a highly qualified team of environmental, geotechnical, and construction phase engineering and consulting professionals with extensive experience in site development and redevelopment.


Thomas K. Uzzo, LSRP, PEA Whitestone Founder & Managing Principal Former USEPA Enforcement Officer with 35+ years of experience. Executive Vice President/COO

Resumes for these and other key personnel are available for review upon request.

Christopher Seib, LSRP, PG New Jersey Offices Branch Manager Environmental manager with 23+ years of experience.

Geotechnical & Construction Services Team Leaders Laurence W. Keller, PE Vice President Licensed professional engineer in 23 states with 29+ years of experience . Ryan R. Roy, PE Vice President, New England Offices Branch Manager Licensed professional engineer in 13 states with 26+ years of experience. Kevin A. Feath, PE Principal & Tampa Office Branch Manager Licensed professional engineer with 23+ years of experience. Peter G. Read, PE Principal Licensed professional engineer with 37+ years of experience. Charles B. Guzzetta, PG Upstate New York Regional Manager Licensed professional geologist with 25+ years of experience.

Environmental Services Team Leaders

Keith T. D’Ambrosio, PE, LSRP Vice President & Pennsylvania Branch Manager Licensed professional engineer with 33+ years of experience. Jeffrey T. Bauer, PG, LSRP Vice President & Philadelphia Office Branch Manager Licensed professional geologist with 23+ years of experience. Scott C. Rowe, PE PCA Program Manager Licensed professional engineering with 35+ years of experience. Richard E. Carman Principal & Corporate Health & Safety Manager Environmental manager with 27+ years of experience. Kenneth J. Luperi, PG, LSRP Senior Associate Environmental manager with 34+ years of experience. Adam N. Mickley Senior Associate Environmental manager with 24+ years of experience. D. Wriston Phillips, LSRP, CHMM Associate Environmental manager with 20+ years of experience.

James M. Morgan Senior Associate Civil engineer with 29+ years of experience.

Mudar Khantamr, PE Senior Associate Licensed professional engineer with 12+ years of experience. Scott E. Pearce, PE Associate Licensed professional engineer with 18+ years of experience.

Jeremy H. Hassett Asbestos Program Manager

Certified EPA/AHERA asbestos inspector licensed in seven states, New York City, and Philadelphia with 23+ years of experience. Certified lead risk assessor in New Jersey and New York.

Licenses & Certifications Whitestone’s multi-disciplined staff includes Professional Engineers (environmental and geotechnical) licensed in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. E NVIRONMENTAL NJDEP Licensed Site Remediation Professionals MADEP Licensed Site Professional CTDEEP Licensed Environmental Professional Certified Professional Geologists Licensed in DE, IN, NY, PA, TN, WY Hazardous Substance Cleanup Act License: DE NJ State Certified Environmental Laboratory NJ Indoor Environmental Consultant GIS Systems Certification Licensed Asbestos Inspectors/Designers Licensed Asbestos Safety Technician Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor/Designer Certified Hazardous Materials Manager Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor Certified OSHA Hazardous Waste Supervisors Certified Wetlands Delineator

G EOTECHNICAL & C ONSTRUCTION I NSPECTION Certified Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Site Evaluator & Designer Certified Concrete Field-Testing Grade 1 Technicians (American Concrete Institute) Certified Radiation Safety Officer Certified Nuclear Density Gauge Operators (Troxler Laboratories)

Certified ICC Reinforced Concrete Special Inspectors Certified ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspectors Certified NJ DCA Special Inspectors:  Structural Steel Bolting

 Concrete Placement  Reinforced Concrete  Structural Masonry  Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems Licensed NYC Special Inspection Agency – Certified in:  Structural Steel (Welding, Erection & Bolting, Structural Cold-Formed Steel)  Concrete (Cast-in-Place, Precast, Prestressed)  Masonry  Wood Installation (Metal-Plate-Connected Trusses, High-Load Diaphragms, Prefabricated I-Joints)  Soils (Site Preparation, Fill Placement & In-Place Density, Boring/Test Pit Investigations)  Pile Foundations & Drilled Pier Installation  Pier Foundations  Underpinning  Wall Panels/Current Walls & Veneers  Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials  Mechanical Systems  Structural Safety/Stability  Excavation (Sheeting/Shoring/Bracing, Soil Percolation Test)  Drywell (Soil Percolation Test)  Septic (Site Storm Drainage Design & Installation, Septic System Installation)  Firestop/Draftstop/Fireblock Systems

Licensed Philadelphia Special Inspection Agency – Certified in:  Deep Foundation & Helical Pile Foundations  Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS)  High Strength Bolting & Steel Frame Installation  Post-Installed Concrete Anchor Installation  Reinforced Concrete

Professional Environmental Auditor American Red Cross – First Aid/CPR

 Soils (Existing Site Conditions, Fill Placement & Load-Bearing Capacity)  Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials & Mastic, Intumescent Fire-Resistant Coatings  Structural Masonry  Underpinning  Wood Construction

I N -H OUSE T ESTING L ABORATORIES National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) Accredited

Markets Served

“I appreciate working with Whitestone over other consultants who often overanalyze work and turn it into a scientific project rather than providing




practical, responsive solutions.” Patrick Triggs, Jones Lang Lasalle (Commercial Real Estate)


“I wish I could work with your team across the whole country.” Kimmy Concepion Chick-Fil-A (Design & Construction)





“If it wasn’t for Whitestone, this project never would have gotten off the ground.” Joe Faro, Tuscan Brands (Mixed-Use Development Project)


Redevelopment Agency


Whitestone’s portfolio includes long-term, multi-site, on-call environmental, geotechnical and construction phase consulting and engineering service contracts with national retail clients, real estate developers/agents, Fortune 500 Corporations, law firms, lending institutions, insurance underwriters, and government/municipal agencies.

Chick-Fil-A 5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349

Scott Goodson D&C, Restaurant Development (770) 231-7349

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA 721 Route 202-206 Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Edward A. Hogan, Esq. Partner (908) 722-0700

Good Friend Self-Storage, LLC 204 West 84th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10024

Seymour Street, Montclair, NJ Rendering: MHS Architecture

Marc Slayton Managing Partner (212) 799-8800

Equus Development, L.P. 3843 West Chester Pike Newtown Square, PA 19073

MGM Fenway, Boston, MA Rendering: Fenway Sports Group

John Forde Senior Vice President, Development (610) 355-1872

Bohler Engineering 12825 Worldgate Drive, Suite 700 Herdon, VA 20170

Adam Volanth, P.E. President/CEO (804) 893-8200

Lasalle University, Philadelphia, PA Rendering: Kimco Realty Corporation

Experience Whitestone Associates, Inc. has been providing integrated environmental, geotechnical, and construction material

testing services at development and redevelopment sites

throughout the Eastern U.S. for over 29 years (23,000+ projects completed to date).

South Bay Redevelopment, Boston, MA Rendering: Edens Environmental, Geotechnical and CPT&I Services

Retaining Wall Design & Construction Phase Inspection Bellingham, MA Whitestone provided geotechnical engineering, retaining wall design, and construction phase inspection services for emergency stabilization and repair of two mechanically- stabilized earth (MSE) walls along the entrance to a retail center. This embankment historically supported former railroad and road crossings for a ravine and culvertized stream. The MSE wall facing had failed, requiring off-hour emergency repairs and limiting access to one-way traffic. The 27-foot high walls ultimately were refaced and drainage improvements implemented under Whitestone’s oversight.

Former Industrial Property Redevelopment Providence, RI Whitestone’s environmental and geotechnical investigations at this former industrial property encountered the historic Moshassuck River channel that had been filled with petroleum and metals-impacted material. Whitestone designed and managed the environmental remediation program and provided construction phase testing and inspection services to facilitate redevelopment of the property as a self-storage facility.

Retail Site Construction New York City, NY Whitestone provided testing and inspection services (including foundation tiedown, tension tests, foundation subgrade, and foundation insulation inspections) for a 17-story self-storage facility under construction in a densely populated urban area. The building will include three (3) below-grade levels. Accordingly, Whitestone’s geotechnical engineers designed foundations (including a matt, isolated columns and exterior wall footings) to bear on NYC Class 1c bedrock.

Detailed descriptions of these are other projects are available upon request .

King of Prussia Town Center King of Prussia, PA Environmental, Geotechnical and CPT&I Services

Hanover Tuscan Village Development Salem, NH

Whitestone’s team of engineers were geotechnical engineers-of-record and provided CPT&I services for construction of this 281-unit luxury apartment complex. Whitestone performed pad preparation investigations and completed final geotechnical recommendations for the multi-story building. Whitestone’s expertise and familiarity with the site soil conditions saved the project potential millions in costly unneeded soil improvements.

Retail Gas Station & Store Site Geotechnical Investigation Lake County, FL Whitestone’s field investigation included double ring infiltrometer testing for SWM design. Whitestone also evaluated sinkhole potential via visual evaluation and historical FDEP research of reported subsidence and/or swallet incidents near the site. Geotechnical recommendations were provided for foundations, floor slabs, pavements, level of sinkhole risk, earthwork, and lateral earth pressure parameters for the gasoline UST’s temporary below-grade wall design .

Property Condition Assessments Eastern U.S. Whitestone conducted property condition assessments on a nationwide portfolio of 70 locations from Maine to Florida and as far west as Texas. Some of the subject buildings were greater than 50 years old, and the properties (many with multiple structures) ranged up to 60-acres.

Company Culture

Whitestone is proud to have been recognized by NJBiz as one the “Best Places to Work” in New Jersey for 2017 and 2019 to 2023. Clients Benefit from Employee Ownership Whitestone became a 100% employee-owned company upon formation of our ESOP in 2021. Research shows that employee- owned businesses promote employee retention, lend themselves to business continuity, and result in better customer service . Health & Safety Whitestone is committed to ensuring a safe workplace. The prevention of accidents is an objective affecting all levels of this company and its operations. Our established corporate and site- specific health and safety programs are designed, maintained, and implemented in accordance with applicable governmental regulations and industry standards. Community Service Whitestone’s Community Outreach & Volunteering Group promotes a charitable spirit and fosters involvement with and reinvestment into the communities in which we live and work. Whitestone has been involved with multiple volunteering initiatives (from building homes for the homeless to volunteering at food-based charities) and will continue to make paying forward and giving back a cornerstone of our company culture.

Not only does Whitestone provide outstanding customer service to its clients, we believe that the same

level of dedication must be extended to our employees.

Whitestone has established and maintains a “corporate family” atmosphere and makes certain a balance exists between hard work, social opportunities, and quality of life outside the workplace.

Habitat for Humanity Community Service Event

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