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Keith Spicer

Welcome to the MichTel official newsletter! I am excited to share this publication with you as the months go on. In the meantime, I thought I would give you a little background onmyself and the business. They say people do business with people they trust, and trust comes with opening yourself up so people can get to know you better. I grew up in Southfield and am the proud son of a Southfield Firefighter andmy momwho stayed at home withme. In the fall of‘76, I beganmy career in the telecommunications industry, contracting to Michigan Bell, then on to LincolnTelephone Company in Lincoln, NE and then on to Mountain Bell in Denver. At some point, I became tired of traveling all the time. I decided to join the Air Force, got married in 1980, and then spent 9 months studying at the Air Force Telecommunications Technical School inTexas. I startedmy first company in 1982 while in the Air Force, and after my 4 years of service, I came back to Southfield to get the company rolling. Duringmy early years back in Michigan, I lived out every guy’s dream: I was a business owner, I went to the Police Academy at Oakland University, I was a certified firefighter, and hadmy EMT Licence. I worked as a reserve police officer, volunteer firefighter, and medic at a local public safety department. They were very exciting times, but the business demandedmore andmore time as technology improved, and I had to make some tough decisions. Fast forward 30-some years and 10 grandkids later, and here we are. Today, my hobbies include cooking on BBQ Smokers and flying RC planes, helicopters, and drones with pretty much all the grandkids. I look forward to getting to know and work with you, and I hope you enjoy these newsletters as much as I do.

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- Keith Spicer


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