Finding The Source Of Hip, Knee & Leg Pain

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“Imagine All the Adventures You Would Miss If You Let Pain Slow You Down! ” Finding The Source Of Hip, Knee & Leg Pain

The hip and knee joints are incredible marvels of the human body. At times they have to withstand up to 6 times the force of your body weight. The knee is themost complicated joint in the body and is comprised of three different joints: the medial femoral and medial tibial condyles, the lateral femoral and tibial condyles, and the articulation between the patella and the femur. The knee joint is capable of flexion, extension, and medial and lateral rotation to a certain degree. It is also the joint that is the most vulnerable and susceptible to injury. Common knee injuries include tears to the anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) and tears to the meniscus or cartilage. When you experience pain in or around the knee or hip joints, you may also suffer a loss in the range of motion. Injury, arthritis, overuse and certain diseases can also cause these losses. Without the normal everyday functional use of these joints, the tissues around them tighten, leading to a gradual loss of mobility. When range of motion is lost, a change in gait (walking) may also occur. This may lead to issues in other parts of the body, including the low back, and the other joints in the affected and unaffected legs. It is also common to begin compensating for pain immediately after an injury or sudden onset of pain, setting you up for susceptibility to ailments in other areas of the body. This also begins the deconditioning process of the overall body, which can rob a person of their

energy and overall physical capacity.

If you are experiencing hip or knee pain, either acute or chronic, contact South Toledo Physical Therapy today. The quicker you begin treatment for your injured joint, the quicker we can help you get on the road to recovery. We will perform a thorough examination of your affected joint and will help you identify the cause of your pain, as well as the other contributing factors involved with your condition. We will then design a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your condition and will also create functional goals that are unique to your specific lifestyle. The personalized treatment you receive will help you get back to your normal functional level and will provide you with tools for long-term body health. Please call us and schedule an evaluation today!

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