Board Converting News, February 12, 2024

No Lights. No Camera. All Action.

Make a stronger, lighter and more sustainable corrugated blank using less glue by implementing a “brick” style pattern developed by Baumer hhs. This pattern creates a stronger bond using less glue. Our new all-electric PX 1000 applicators with over a billion cycle life can easily apply the pattern with clean cutoff and accurate placement. The PGD 1000 sensor is there to show your customer that every box was properly glued so you’ll never end up on some gag reel. You can be the star with The CorrBox solution from Baumer hhs.

PGD 1000 Monitoring Sensor • Measure the glue proximity to the edge of the tab and avoid squeeze-out so you deliver an accurately glued box every time. • The printing on the carton does not effect the hybrid sensor’s ability to read the bead. Black, white, plaid or polka dot, the sensor is not bothered, so neither are you. • No UV additives needed for detection saves you money, time and effort.

PX 1000 Cold Glue Applicator • Extremely fast and powerful closing force means no drips or tailing so your first box is a good box. • Strong armature activation easily handles viscosity fluctuations and will work with a large variety of adhesives. • Fast action coil means you can now stitch your beads at higher running speeds lowering adhesive consumption up to 70% and improving board output.

GLUE SAVINGS Activation Aktiv

Find more information on CorrBox at URL below or use the QR Code: Or contact us at: 937-886-3160 or email Baumer hhs 10570 Success Lane, Dayton, Ohio 45458



Max Gap 4 mm

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