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particularly for those companies who prioritize plant-wide automation to remain competitive. “Integration and automation remain the mantra for

edgeable in-house team is ready and eager to assist you with any parts or service assistance, 24/7/365 at (540) 234-6012. Ask about our MAX Service Programs, tailored to help you achieve MAXimum productivity in your unique operations. Take it up a level with MAX connectivity using GO AG in your service processes. Contact our team for assistance and follow us on LinkedIn for special parts, ser- vice, and tech promotions throughout 2024! “This year, reimagine A.G. as your solutions partner at SuperCorrExpo 2024, Booth #1115. Stop by to view a re- cently patented A.G. equipment installation up-close, live tech demonstrations, innovation presentations, and min- gle with your favorite A.G. sales managers and partners. Refreshments and boxmakers lounge available for attend- ees’ leisure. We hope to see you there!” AES SCRAP CONVEYANCE SYSTEMS Souderton, Pennsylvania: Jeff Dietterich reports, “As a longtime supplier of scrap conveyance and baling systems to the corrugated and folding carton industry, we pay close attention to the same trends and market conditions as our customers. This past year was interesting, to say the least, with plenty of market adjustments and economic uncer- tainty, yet we ended with a strong backlog of projects in Q’s 3 and 4 and a robust start to 2024. As inflation contin- ues to slow, I am optimistic for the health of the industry,

many of our customers in the box and corrugated business. Those who have invested heavily in automation on the production side also reaped benefits from upgrading their scrap system to match, reducing vulnerabil- ities to the ever-tightening labor mar- ket while protecting profit margins.

Jeff Dietterich

The AES tenants of system design hold true to our core values and in turn, our value proposition: To work as a part- ner in process improvement to help businesses achieve greater profitability, productivity, and sustainability in their manufacturing operations. “Demand for the AES AirShark rotary material separa- tor remains strong, with record-number of units sold in 2023 and standing orders for multiple units in-house for 2024 and 2025. The AES AirShark allows our customers to fully automate and simplify their scrap handling pro- cess. It also allows them to eliminate the dust from their scrap conveyance process, with the additional benefit of a cleaner, safer baling room. In some cases, our customers have been able to eliminate the need for dust collectors. These features are why we continue to see strong de- mand among end-users as well as air conveyance system CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

Dualkote No board crush. Longer roll life.



Roll Kote

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February 12, 2024

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