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MY JOURNEY TO FOODIEDOM How One Fish Taco Changed the Way I Eat These days, I’m a proud, self-described foodie, but that wasn’t always the case. Like most people, I didn’t grow up in a house where the culinary arts were admired. This was long before the days when farmers markets were ubiquitous and menus never contained ingredients you hadn’t heard of. Come to think of it, my discovery of the pleasures of the table runs pretty close to parallel with the improvement of food culture in America. In a household with an Irish mother and an English father, shepherd’s pie with a Sunday roast was our definition of an extravagant meal. The majority of the things we ate were bland, white, and entirely indistinctive. As my palate has expanded, my family likes to joke that I must be an alien. I didn’t get my adventurous taste genetically, that’s for sure. If there was one item that expanded my idea of what food could be, it was my first fish taco. When I first moved to San Diego, everyone told me that I had to try them and that I wasn’t a proper San Diegan until I did. Secretly, I was terrified. The only tacos I had experienced were the hard-shell Ortega variety, filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and orange cheese. The idea of that, but with fish in lieu of meat, did not sound appetizing at all. It sounded repulsive. But my friends persisted. I didn’t have an option. I was going to try one. Once I did, I realized I was utterly clueless about food. This taco was unlike anything I had ever eaten. There was an entire city of delicious delights at my fingertips, and this taco was my first glimpse of it. It wasn’t long after that I tried sushi, which was another pivotal moment. My tastes transformed. I now regard our vibrant food culture as one of the best parts of living in San Diego. We have restaurants of every cultural stripe. You can eat well whether you opt for something quick and casual or shell out for a special

evening. When I moved here, dining options weren’t a consideration at all. Now I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Being willing to try new foods has also come in very handy while traveling. If you don’t eat the local cuisine, you close yourself off from so many experiences. Plus, who wants to spend their time in Europe hunting down chain restaurants and fast-food joints? Culinary curiosity allows you to bypass the tourist traps in favor of authentic fare. When we went to Peru, for example, my husband, James, was brave enough to order guinea pig, a national delicacy. I took a bite, and while I won’t be craving it anytime soon, I was glad I did. After all, when will I have that chance again? Gaining an appreciation of food has been one of the best discoveries of my adult life. If you know of any great restaurants in the area, I’m always soliciting recommendations. I still haven’t managed to get any of my family members to try a fish taco, but there’s always the next visit.

–Beth Scalone

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School has started. Youth sports are in full swing. Work is crazy. Food has become more about necessity than enjoyment. All of this can only mean one thing: Fall has begun. The crazy schedules this time of year can make it tough for parents to keep their heads on straight; making it through the insanity sometimes feels more like survival than life. But there are tactics you can employ to turn the tide and find more time for yourself.

opportunity for you to focus your attention on other priorities — or if you’re lucky, have some freedom.

THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB Technology makes organization easier and more accessible than ever. By using a tool like a shared calendar, you can coordinate the entire family’s schedule so you never miss a beat. And apps like Mealime and MealBoard give you the ability to whip up food that is cost-effective and delicious. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK While you’re busy trying to rally the troops at soccer practice, the scene at home resembles a horror movie. Laundry is piling up, food is spoiling in the fridge, and the dust bunnies around the house now have names. Housecleaning is a part-time job in its own right. The only way to stay on top of duties around the house is to work together. A chore chart with clear responsibilities is a great place to start. Whether you have one child or eight, everyone is capable of pitching in. You can have all the organizational abilities in the world, but the best way to manage life’s madness isn’t by directing day-to-day tasks; it’s by managing stress. Instead of using these tools to control life, look at them as a way to free up time so you can decompress and enjoy the things you love.

TAG TEAM There’s no reason to try to do everything on your own. The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” exists because managing the stressors of life requires help. A great place to start is by establishing car pools with a parent group you trust. You can alternate drivers weekly, which provides the


The Latest Addition to the North County Team

As a physical therapist who also happens to be a certified Pilates instructor, Dr. Christopher Talambas is a perfect fit for North Country Water & Sports Therapy Center. Turns out that Christopher thought the same thing when he was applying for the role. “During my studies, I focused on integrating Pilates and physical therapy,” he says. “I was so excited to find a practice that offered both. Once I found North County, it was just a matter of doing all I could to get hired. I knew it was the place for me.” Once he joined our team, Christopher wasn’t content to rest on his laurels. Instead, he’s been trying to learn as much as he can. “One of the best aspects of this practice is the diverse backgrounds of the team and how they complement each other,” Christopher states. “I’ve really enjoyed learning about aquatics and asking Beth a million questions.” Christopher’s inquisitive, curious nature is certainly one of the reasons he’s had a seamless start to his career at our practice. “Another amazing quality of the practice is the ability to work with patients one-on-one,” he adds. “It’s amazing to see the transformations that our patients undergo. It’s rare to find a practice that emphasizes patient interaction so heavily. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the team.”

reveals with a laugh. “I also enjoy spending time in the water any chance I get — swimming, paddleboarding, you name it. My last big passion is playing guitar. I guess you could say that it’s my creative outlet.” From his love of the water to his expertise in Pilates, Dr. Christopher Talambas is an ideal fit for our practice. Though he’s only been here a short time, he already feels like an integral member of our team. Welcome, Christopher! We’re so happy to have you on our team.

When he’s not working, you can probably find Christopher hitting the links. “Golfing is my main hobby right now, though I’m not very good at it,” he 2


WHAT IS PILATES? Pilates was originally created in the early 1900s as a series of exercises based on connecting the body, mind, and spirit. Joseph Pilates designed this comprehensive program with focus on elongating and strengthening the body using specific movements and resistive equipment. Here are some famous people who do Pilates: 1. Selena Gomez 2. Madonna 3. Antonio Brown 4. LeBron James 5. Reese Witherspoon 6. Tiger Woods But you do not have to be famous or an elite athlete to benefit. WHY IS PILATES RIGHT FOR YOU? 1. Build lean muscle and improve strength. Pilates focuses on quality movements performed with control and precision. The exercises balance strength with flexibility to build lean muscle while developing foundational strength for your spine and limbs. 2. Restore balance and efficiency to your muscles. Believe it or not, you have certain muscles that you use more than others. Over time, this imbalance leads to back and neck pain and injury. Pilates helps balance your muscles so that you use them all together instead of one muscle doing the job of three or four. Now, doesn’t that just sound more efficient? 3. Competitive edge. There are some beastly young NFL guys out there doing Pilates. Why? Because it helps to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Supplementing your

normal strength-based gym routine or sport with Pilates as cross training helps stretch, strengthen, and lengthen key muscles that give you the extra power for your desired sport. 4. Better posture.

We all fight the same battle: us versus gravity. Our jobs have us hunched over our computers and our kids have us hunched over to pick them up. The best way to win the battle against gravity is a Pilates routine to strengthen the muscles that naturally help to elongate and stabilize your spine. Human: 1; Gravity: 0.

5. Positive mindset. Pilates improves circulation, oxygenating the blood and replenishing cells throughout your body. This increase blood flow to the brain, helps you focus, and improves your mental outlook. 6. Working through injury . Whether you have shoulder pain or had a recent surgery, Pilates is a safe, low-impact alternative to heavy weight lifting or high-impact activities. With a solid balance of stretching and strengthening, Pilates is a great way to restore your body during injury while still receiving a fantastic workout! Pilates is just like any other commitment. It takes an investment of time and energy. But, if you commit to a few times a week for a few weeks, you’ll notice the results for your mind and body. Pilates isn’t just for a select few athletes, celebrities, and dancers. Everyone can benefit from Pilates!


As a certified Pilates instructor, I have seen immense benefit from the impact of Pilates on my physical performance. I performed a series of shoulder stability exercises on the Pilates reformer 3 times a week for 2 weeks. I was able to increase my bench press weight 10 pounds following those two weeks. I’ve also noticed that I sit up straighter and stand with better posture. And it’s not one of those things where I have to remind myself to pull my shoulders back and stand up tall, like my mother always used to say. The routine of Pilates has conditioned the muscles around my spine to naturally position me into a straighter posture. I’ve always valued wellness and the value of the mind-body-spirit connection, especially as it relates to movement. As I turn the corner into my 30s, I truly believe that Pilates is something that strengthens not only the body, but the mind as well. The focus on mental coordination during exercise keep my mind sharp and strengthens my awareness of my body and what it needs, in terms of pain relief, nutrition, posture, and even in relationships with others. Christopher Tambalas TRY A PILATES SESSION WITH CHRIS TODAY, WITH THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER! Bring in this coupon get your first 10 sessions for $700 (that is $100 in savings) Valid for first-time Pilates clients only. Offer good until October 31st. Call 858-675-1133 to schedule your first session.

Long commutes will always be a pain in the neck, but the discomfort doesn’t have to be literal. Developing stiffness or soreness in your upper back and neck is all too common in the driver’s seat. It’s annoying at the time, and repeated incidents can lead to more chronic problems down the road. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent this pain from developing behind the wheel. MAKE ADJUSTMENTS If you frequently experience neck pain while driving, the position of your seat and mirrors may be the issue. Ideally, you want the back of your driver’s seat to be almost straight, at about a 100-degree angle to the seat. If you find yourself leaning forward to reach the steering wheel from this position, shift the whole seat forward. In older cars without built-in lower back support, it’s a good idea to slide a small pillow between your back and the lower part of the seat. After you have your sitting position figured out, make the necessary adjustments to your mirrors. You should be able to glance at each with minimal head movement. Constantly bobbing or craning your neck to see what’s behind you is a surefire way to develop neck and shoulder pain. AVOID NECK PAIN WHILE DRIVING

STAY IN THE CLEAR A dirty windshield can be just as bad as poorly adjusted mirrors. Having to lean forward to see when sun and dust cut your visibility causes stress as your neck muscles accommodate. In general, poor vision is a consistent source of these sorts of aches and pains, so it’s a good idea to ensure you have the right pair of glasses (including shades) every time you drive. LET OFF THE GAS Normally, good sitting posture entails having both feet firmly planted on the floor. Drivers don’t normally have that option unless they literally put the pedal to the metal. During long drives on the highway, cruise control is a great option to give your feet a welcome rest. Otherwise, pull over to take a break and stretch your legs if you feel your neck beginning to tense up. There are also preventative measures you can take to avoid pain and discomfort before your next road trip or traffic jam. If you find yourself haunted by chronic neck, back, or shoulder pain no matter how long you drive, it may be time to contact a trusted physical therapist. These may be signs of more serious issues, but physical therapy can help you live and drive pain-free again.





12 ounces rigatoni pasta

1 bunch Tuscan kale, rinsed


1 15-ounce can cannellini (white kidney) beans 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes Salt, for pasta water and to taste 2 ounces fresh grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (optional) Juice of 1 lemon

1. In a large stock pot, boil 6 quarts of liberally salted water. On another burner, heat a large skillet to medium-low. 2. Add pasta to boiling water and cook for 3 minutes less than the package recommends. 3. While pasta is cooking, add beans, red pepper, and 1 tablespoon of oil to skillet. Cook until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. 4. Add cooked pasta, kale, and 1 cup pasta water to skillet. Toss vigorously as kale cooks, about 4 minutes. 5. Transfer to bowls, top with a squeeze of lemon, sprinkle with cheese or salt, and serve.

Inspired by Bon Appétit Magazine

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The Pleasures of Adventurous Eating


3 Tips to Help Organize Your Crazy Life

Spotlight on Dr. Christopher Talambas


3 Steps to Staying Pain-Free in the Car

Beans and Greens Rigatoni


Noteworthy New Restaurants


Even by the exploding standards of the San Diego food scene, 2018 has been a banner year for new restaurant openings. From fine dining to fast casual, it seems there’s a fresh place to check out every week. Here are three of the best new restaurants in the area.

EL JARDÍN 2885 Perry Rd. San Diego, CA 92106 Even before it opened in Liberty Station this spring, El Jardín garnered plenty of recognition. Chef Claudette Zepeda-


LITTLE ITALY FOOD HALL 550 W. Date St., Suite B San Diego, CA 92101 The Little Italy Food Hall is a handful of restaurants in one convenient location. Nowhere else can you eat

(FOR BRUNCH) 2210 Kettner Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101

Chef Brian Malarkey’s Herb & Wood has been a staple of the city’s culinary scene for years, but

it wasn’t until this summer that they decided to add weekend brunch to their menu. It’s every bit as good as you’d expect, with dishes for savory- and sweet-leaning diners alike. There’s also an entire section of the menu devoted to “marys and mims” that will make choosing your brunch cocktail difficult. The next time you have a guest in town for the weekend, this should be your first option on a Sunday morning.

Milanese pizza from Ambrogio15 one second and a lobster roll from Wicked Maine Lobster the next. The casual environment, which feels like the swankiest cafeteria you’ve ever been to, is perfect for large groups hoping to sample lots of bites in one meal. Just make sure that everyone comes hungry.

Wilkins, a “Top Chef” alumnus, has created a menu that applies traditional Mexican techniques to fresh local ingredients. Some items are even named for the region from which they take their inspiration, like the “Michoacán-style pork shank carnitas” and the “huachinango a la Veracruz.” El Jardín also features an excellent cocktail program, wine list, and chef’s counter, though you need to book seats there well in advance. 4

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