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Prepare Legal Documents Once they turn 18, your child is no longer under your care — legally speaking. You can no longer make decisions for them, including medical decisions, should they become incapacitated and unable to make their own decisions. Connect with a trusted attorney to create medical and financial powers of attorney that give you these rights. (Just consult with your child first before doing so!) Cover the Household Basics If there’s one thing to look forward to, it’s all the laundry you won’t have to do anymore. And the fridge will be fully stocked without ravenous teens emptying it regularly! But before you drop your child off at college or their new home, make sure they can manage laundry, cook basic meals, and keep a tidy space. Some basics to cover include the difference between hot and cold wash and how to make scrambled eggs. Make a Budget Living as a broke young adult is almost like a rite of passage to “real” adulthood, but you can make this experience easier just by opening that often taboo door and talking about money. Explain the processes or budgeting systems that work for your family and guide your child through their potential living expenses. Try test runs so they understand how much they will have to spend on necessities, like groceries, hygiene items, and gas.

Prepping for an Empty Nest?

Congratulations to parents sending their children off to college or “the real world” this year! Parenthood is not for the faint of heart — from toddler meltdowns to angsty teenage years, you might be counting down the days to an empty nest. 3 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOUR GRADUATE LEAVES

Yet, that doesn’t make your child moving off to college any easier.

Fear not, for you can help your child live more independently at college in many ways and give yourself peace of mind knowing that your baby is going to be fine.


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