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NEW BEGINNINGS, NEXT CHAPTERS I have always loved back-to-school time. One of my earliest memories is the first day of first grade. I had attended a private school for kindergarten, and I was transitioning to the public school for first grade. I remember being very excited as I laid out my outfit the night before the first day. I didn’t want to seem overly enthusiastic for fear of being seen as “uncool,” so I chose a Snoopy T-shirt depicting Snoopy (“Joe Cool”) holding a tennis racket and a pair of distressed knee-length Levi’s jean shorts. I had my backpack ready and filled with my school supplies, carefully selected and color coordinated. Over the years, through high school, college, and even law school, I always loved the first day of class. I loved the fresh start, fresh supplies, new textbooks, and clean notepads. Without fail, I would commit to keeping my notes neat and organized and staying on top of my homework assignments. Invariably, however, a few weeks in, there would be doodles all over the covers of my notebooks and in the margins of my notes, my handwriting would be increasingly messy, and I hate to admit, I would not always be caught up with my reading assignments. After cramming for final exams and finishing up year-end projects, I would re-commit at the start of the next school year or quarter — to work harder and to stay better organized. When the kids were little, I loved to take them back-to-school shopping. We would take the school supply list to the store, and they would choose their backpacks, supplies, folder designs, and the colors of their notebooks. I would get vicarious enjoyment as they selected their outfit for the first day. John and I would wait with them in the driveway for the school bus and take photos or video (with a camera and a video camera, not a phone) as they were picked up. I must confess, after they left, I would enjoy a cup of coffee and embrace the quiet solitude.

Aaron, fifth grade, Rachel, third grade, and Hannah, second grade, on the first day of school, 2002

Now that the kids are grown up, for the last five years, the Rinehardt Law team has been providing school supplies and backpacks to kids in our community facing adversity or hardship. We want every child to have that fresh start to the school year with new supplies. To encourage excitement for the new beginning, we host a back-to-school backpack bash at the Friendly House with games, ice cream, and crafts. The whole team chips in, and we all get great pleasure seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. Back-to-school time is like starting a new chapter. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, the chance to do something different and better. When our clients come in for settlement, it is also the beginning of a new chapter. Sometimes our client is healed, sometimes they have ongoing symptoms, and sometimes a life is lost. No amount of money can undo the harm, but hopefully, it helps them get their next chapter off on the right foot.



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