"We’ve been EXTREMELY BLESSED by this group in so many


We have had the opportunity to invest in several deals,

both as limited partners and helping with several aspects of

the GP. We would not have been able to grow our business this

quickly without the help of Mark & Tamiel AND the other

members of this group!"

“Just 2 weeks after my first

FIRE Summit,

I received a cal l from

someone whom I met at the conference, inviting me to be part

of a deal that he and another

Think Multifamily

member had

under contract. He wanted to give me the opportunity to learn

first-hand how they would carry out a deal from start to finish.

I was blown away...

I felt like I had just won the lottery! ”

“Think Multifamily delivers what

they promise.

I went from

owning single family homes to closing our first 114 unit

apartment complex within 5 months.

Phenomenal Experience!"

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