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When’s the best time to exchange

• Metallic. A glittering and regal palette of silver and gold. • Monochrome. If simple and elegant is

Afterwards, you can have a more leisu- rely Christmas brunch. Plus, they’ll have new toys to entertain them for the rest of the day. • After breakfast: tell children before they go to bed Christmas Eve that they’ll only be able to open gifts after breakfast. Making sure everyone eats and fully wakes up before opening presents can be a good way to avoid meltdowns later in the morning. • When guests arrive: If you have grand- parents or other extended family co- ming over, they may want to be there to give your

more your style, consider a colour scheme made up solely of whites.

Choose your theme Next to palette, the most important decorating decision you’ll make is in re- gards to theme. The idea is to take an evoc- ative word or phrase and let your imagina- tion go to work. Here are a few examples: • Winter wonderland. Think white and lots of it. Include elements like snow- flakes, tinsel and wintery animals such as reindeer and moose. • Rustic farmhouse. Use logs, sticks, pine- cones, greenery and other natural ma- terials. Plaid patterns are a fitting accompaniment. • Christmas cheer. Combine festive col- ours like red, green and gold with classic Christmas imagery. • West coast Christmas. Bring the charm of the seaside indoors with shells and starfish and a colour palette of soft pink, blue and beige. Once you’ve found your starting point — whether it’s a colour palette, a theme or both — you’ll find that your ideas start to flow. Happy decorating!

Christmas gifts? If you’re celebrating Christmas with young children this year, it’s a good idea to plan out when you’ll open the presents. Although your kids may want to open gifts first thing Christmas mor-

ning, there are advan- tages to putting this off till later in the day. Here are a few options to consider before deciding when to open the Christ- mas presents. • Before breakfast: most kids want to leap out of bed and start opening their presents straight away. By letting them open their gifts as soon as everyone’s up, you won’t have to hold them

kids gifts and watch them open their other presents. Consider putting off the gift exchange until they arrive. Another possibility? Allow kids to open one gift — or their Christmas stocking — on Christmas Eve. This can be a good way to help them settle down the night before and maybe you’ll even get to sleep in a little in the morning.

Decking your halls: holiday decorating ideas for the enthusiast

back from rushing through breakfast.

Ready to take your Christmas decorating to the next level? Here are some pro tips that can elevate your holiday embellish- ments frommerely so-so to full out sublime. Choose your palette The pro-decorator’s cardinal rule? Choose a palette and stick to it. Make sure your ornaments, ribbons, lights, stockings, gift-wrapping and more are made up of hues from your chosen palette. Here are a few colour combinations to try: • Traditional. Tried-and-true, red, green and gold make up the classic Christmas colour scheme. • Icy. A more modern option, this palette is made up of periwinkle, teal and silver. • Jewel. A vibrant palette of green, purple, orange and red.

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