Christmas A story

Three great gifts for the DIY enthusiast Do you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who likes to spend their free time building things? If you’re stumped about what to get them, here are a few gift ideas that you may not have considered. 1. Digital tape measure: a modern version of a classic tool. A digital tape measure can convert measurements from frac- tions to decimals and inches to centi- metres. It also gives precise readings up to one millimetre and will calculate the midpoint of whatever’s being measured. Some prototypes also come with a built-in level. A useful tool for many types of projects, this one is sure to quickly become indispensable. 2. Multi-tool: a must-have item for the DIYer who prefers to always keep their favourite tools on hand. More than a regular pocketknife, a multi-tool can hold as many as 18 tools. Components might include knives, saws, pliers, cut- ters, awls and screwdrivers. Most even

Four gift ideas for tech-lovers in 2018 Tech-lovers can be tough to buy for. With all the new and exciting products that come out every year, it’s difficult keep up with the latest trends. To help you out, here are four products that tech-lo- vers are buying en masse this year. 1. Virtual reality headsets Virtual reality headsets are the future of both gaming and media. The 360-degree viewing experience transports you to ano- ther universe. There’s no need to leave your living room to be courtside at Madison Square Garden watching a Knicks game, in

the Egyptian desert taking a tour of the py- ramids or even on a spaceship fighting cyborgs. 2. Drones Drones are getting more popular and in- creasingly sophisticated every year. Nowa- days, there are tons of different prototypes available and they come in a wide range of price points. Different models are made to appeal to different interests: choose between a camera drone, a toy drone or a racing drone. 3. Mobile WiFi hotspots Some people can’t survive without an internet connection. And many have a good enough excuse, as staying connected is vital to their job. Mobile WiFi hotspots are the perfect gift for these people. These palm-sized gadgets provide you with inter- net access anywhere in the world.

have a bottle opener for cracking that beer when the job is done.

3. Personalized hammer: almost every- body already owns a hammer, but most don’t have one with a personalized han- dle. Engrave a regular hammer with their name, a special word or an inside joke between the two of you right on the tool’s wooden handle. They’ll be so touched, they may decide to decorate their workshop with it rather than use it. Whatever their passion project, the DIYer in your life is sure to appreciate one — or all — of these thoughtful and useful gifts.

4. Portable chargers

The more electronic gad- gets a person uses, the more frequently they’re scrambling around anxiously to find a power source. Put a tech-lo- ver’s mind at ease by giving them a portable charger ca- pable of powering up their phone, tablet, headphones and other electronic devices.

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