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Big Things Are Coming! Celebrating 4 Years With Our Members

There is nothingmore relaxing tome than detailingmy supercharged‘68 Olds 4-4-2 before I take it out to race or display at a car show. On weekends, I take my special cleaning equipment and cloths andmake her shine. In the garage, I have a dedicated cabinet where I keep all my cleaning paraphernalia. But when it comes to cleaning anything else, it’s a chore. I mean, let’s be honest — I like things to be clean, but who likes to clean? Sometimes I have a hard time straightening upmy office, and Roslyn will come in and ask,“Do you need this on your table? Have you read this book?”and she will tidy it up. Believe it or not, it’s something that she likes to do. Roslyn and I also like to do different things in our business. Where I have the experience in tax resolution and like teaching and coaching, she likes creating products, putting on our events, and a variety of other things that sound like fun to her but maybe not so much for me. Recently, she took a look at our Insider’s Circle members’website and said, “We need to update this!” As many of you know, we work closely with Hugo and Isaac at Just Digital not only to do our social media marketing, but to do somuchmore. Roslyn and Hugo sat down the other day to redesign the members’site. Now, don’t worry, we’re not taking away any valuable features or raising the price for our existing members. We looked into the resources our members use the most and are making them easier to find andmore interactive. Roslyn and I took a lot of feedback fromour members and will use it tomake our website more useful to them.

One thing leads to another, and it got me to thinking about updating the Insider’s Circle membership overall. This June, we’re celebrating our four-year anniversary since we launched our Tax Resolution System andmembership. We’ve done a lot over the last four years to help our members build and grow their practices, and we will do evenmore in the future. Another event on the horizon is our third-annual Tax Resolution Success Summit, which will take place in Austin, Texas, from Aug. 23–25 at theWestin Hotel. Insider’s Circle members always receive a discount on the ticket price and an even lower-priced ticket to bring a guest! We love meeting newmembers and reconnecting with ones we haven’t seen since last year’s event. Every year, we aim tomake the Success Summit better than the year before, and I think we’ve really outdone ourselves this year. We have a number of excellent speakers lined up— in addition tomyself. Not only is this event an opportunity to get great information, it’s also a perfect chance to connect with other very successful tax resolution professionals. Last year, tickets sold out weeks before the event, and we had to turn people away. This year, we booked a bigger room, but I wouldn’t be surprised if tickets sell out before Aug. 23. So if you’re thinking about coming, buy your tickets now. Roslyn and I said we wanted 2018 to be the year our members get more. We are honestly our members’biggest cheerleaders, and when people come to us for help, we want to deliver. There’s a lot in the works this year: a refreshedmembership with a newwebsite and an event that’s bigger and better than ever. These initiatives are our way of delivering on the promises we’ve made to our members and thanking them for supporting us through the years.

Here’s tomany more!

–Michael Rozbruch

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