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W henever I’m not busy, I’m either spending time with my family or trying to better myself. A lot of the time, the latter comes down to reading an endless stack of personal development and business books I’m always buying, working my way through the ideas of authors who know a lot more about the world than I do.

or two, they recognize their mistake and quickly correct their course. As a result, they complete the flight with time to spare. The other pilot starts the journey one measly degree off. Unlike their counterpart, they don’t bother course correcting, confident that they’re going the right direction. They maintain their trajectory the entire time, and end up 150 miles from New York, low on fuel.

In fact, I just recently finished a reread of one of my favorite books, one I read almost once a year: “The Compound Effect,” by legendary speaker Darren Hardy. When I first encountered the book, it helped me bring into focus my priorities for the lofty goals I’d set for myself, transforming the way I managed my time, my business, and even my life. Though it’s billed as a book about achieving business success, I’ve found the lessons found within apply to pretty much any goal you might have in your life, granting purpose and drive to every day. The key to Darren Hardy’s philosophy basically boils down to the fact that the little decisions you make day by day, both good and bad, add up over time, eventually affecting you in a big way. One analogy he often gives in his speeches concerns two planes taking off from L.A. and flying to New York. One pilot directs their plane right at the destination right off the bat. When they skew left or right to a degree

The fact is, if you let life happen to you without carving out time for the things that really matter to you, you’re going to end up somewhere you never wanted to be. However, if you set a goal and make small, consistent efforts every day, you can stumble here and there and still end up fulfilling your dreams and more. When you’re trying to get healthy, there will be times where you fall off your diet, or when you’re not exercising adequately. If you keep the vision for your life in view as often as you can, these will simply be opportunities to reassess and get back on track, rather than reasons to throw up your hands and declare your goals impossible. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t to check out “The Compound Effect,” even if you usually avoid personal development literature. It’s an easy, yet deep, read that really had a huge impact on my life, and I’m sure many of my patients would find it useful.

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