Baker Auction - February/March 2020

Volume IV

Don’t Ruin Your Auction Just by Booking Too Late

ahead of time than you might think. Two or three months in advance isn’t enough time to ensure you’ll get everything you want booked. For your organization’s biggest fundraiser of the year, don’t you want to make sure you have all those ducks in a row as soon as possible? If you throw the same fundraising auction at the same venue with the same auction company on the same date every year, any change might mean losing supporters who count on that consistency. Say you do your charity fundraiser on Dec. 1 every year and you absolutely need the same venue you had last year, but you waited too long to book it. Now, if you want that venue, you have to push back the date of your auction, which potentially means that supporters who count on going on Dec. 1 every year might not be able to make it on the new date. Booking too late might also mean losing big-ticket auction items. Those large companies and corporations that donate auction items only have a finite amount of resources for charitable donations, and asking them for donations too late might mean you’ll leave that meeting empty-handed. We work with many organizations that loved working with us — and we loved working with them! However, because we’re running multiple auctions every weekend, we can’t guarantee they will have first pick of team members if they wait too long to ask us to do their next charity event. We have a large team, but we can’t promise they’ll be able to have the handsome Tommy Baker available for their auction. Like I said before, we want your auction to go off without a hitch. We absolutely want to be your auctioneer of choice. But for that to happen, you have to coordinate with us early on. With that in mind, if you just worked with us recently, we hope to hear from you soon!

The last time you bought a flight ticket or booked a hotel room for a trip, did you wait until the last minute to do so? Of course not. When it comes to reserving expensive tickets or rooms, you do it months in advance. Otherwise, the price will go up as time goes on, or worse — those seats or that hotel room could be unavailable by the time you decide you want to actually make the purchase.

With that in mind, my question is this: Why wouldn’t you think the same way about your charity auction and auctioneer?

We work with a lot of different charities and nonprofit organizations, and I’ve found that the auctions we help them put on are usually their biggest fundraisers of the year. Sure, they might put on smaller raffles or similar events throughout the year, but they call us for their most important opportunity to raise funds for their causes. I want for any organization we work with to have the best possible advantage when it comes to raising funds, and a big part of making sure that happens is booking your venue and auctioneer way in advance. When I say “way in advance,” I don’t mean just a couple of months ahead of time. I mean that if you want to have the same venue and same auction company on the same date next year, you need to book everything almost immediately after this year’s event. I know that may sound like overkill. But, in cities that are experiencing rapid growth and have limited venue space, like Boise and the rest of the Treasure Valley, we get booked further | | (208) 739-8750 - Tyson Baker “It’s Sale Time”


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